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Reek Sunday pilgrimage

The world is hungry for God, says Archbishop on Croagh Patrick

“No matter what your troubles, no matter what mistakes you have made or sinful things you have done, you are His son or daughter. You are part of the family. You belong.”


R.I.P. is ‘too Catholic’ for the Orange Order

The phrase ‘Rest in Peace’ goes back to the very earliest days of the Church – with the words ‘dormit in pace’ found on Christian tombs from the 4th century.


Safety the key as over 20,000 people to make Reek Sunday climb

Pilgrims intending to make the annual Croagh Patrick pilgrimage this Sunday are advised to have appropriate footwear and clothing, to bring a stick, carry a charged mobile phone and ensure they have adequate food and water.


Design consultants to help conserve Croagh Patrick

Effects of footfall from 100,000 pilgrims every year has resulted in a substantial amount of erosion.

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