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Bishop Nulty remembers dead in November

Kildare & Leighlin to produce a definitive set of norms and guidelines on best practice for funeral liturgies by November 2015.


Archbishop offers to dialogue with young people

A “huge new generation is emerging whose faith has to be nourished in a new way”.


Renewal in Irish church must be rooted in parish

Bishop Denis Nulty opens second annual Alpha conference in Maynooth.


Alpha conference to focus on parish life

Fr Michael White to speak about reviving his local church in Maryland.


Bishop Nulty challenges parishes on vocations

"Potential vocations are all around us."


Achonry launches Year of Prayer with renowned writer

Diocese to listen to people and share what they have to say about the situation of the Church.


UK archbishop urges parishes to be a place of welcome

Parish must always offer a place of welcome for those who no longer find themselves in stable or conventional family situations.


Additional €70 million for school improvements welcomed

Restoration of grant will also provide business to local contractors according to CPSMA.


Parish Pastoral Councils: A formation manual

This 'how-to-do-it' workbook by Debra Snoddy, Jim Campbell and Andrew McNally lays out the necessary steps for forming, enabling and sustaining a parish pastoral council.


The welcoming parish – Donal Harrington

What is our parish for? The key issues - vision, leadership structures, getting people involved, planning for the future, adult faith, young people - are all addressed by Donal Harrington.


A “community of communities”

How a parish of 30,000 people can become a vibrant community if lay volunteers are trained and used well – former leader of the Columbans in England, Ed O’Connell, now back in Peru, explains.


Parish Rituals for Key Moments

Eileen Deegan’s book of Parish Rituals is a collection of alternative or supplementary liturgies to the Church’s ordinary Liturgies of the Word. They are meant to help to celebrate the experiences of our ordinary everyday lives and link then with God.


Parish Pastoral Councils: a framework for developing diocesan norms and parish guidelines

This little booklet presents a dynamic vision of how the parish community can be developed as an instrument of ministry and mission of the kingdom of God in Celtic Tiger Ireland.


A handbook for parish pastoral councils

Author Jane Ferguson hopes that this Handbook for Parish Pastoral Councils will serve as a reference and resource to assist parishes in the threefold task of establishing pastoral councils, training pastoral councillors and enabling them to serve the parish with faith-filled confidence.


The new seekers

Fr. Richard Sheehy PP explores what it means to ‘pass on the faith’ and how he has worked with this in his Dublin parish.

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