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National Youth Council of Ireland

CDYS appeals to new government not to turn away from young people

‘Youth Affairs’ should not be omitted from either the name or responsibilities of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs says CEO of Cloyne Diocesan Youth and Community Services.


Sr Stan Calls for More Action on Youth Homelessness


A leading campaigner against homelessness in Ireland has called for more action on youth homelessness.

Speaking at a conference on youth homelessness at Thomond Park in [...]


Budget 2018 will be a child poverty ‘litmus test’ for Varadkar

Having a long-term approach to investing in services will prove more beneficial in building a more sustainable equitable society for our children.


Cuts felt in every community charities warn

Survey reveals that one third (34%) of charities have reported a drop in income, while more than two thirds (71%) have seen an increase in demand for services.


Charities urge Govt to restore social services funding

Up to 42% of charities experienced a fall in their income over the past year while 72% reported that demand for their services increased over the same period.


Cuts to charities’ vital services due to income drop

Charities urge Government to develop and implement a plan for sustainable public services.

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