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We want a national day of mourning and reflection, after COVID-19, says Irish Hospice Foundation

When the COVID-19 pandemic is defeated, the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) would like the government to declare a national day of mourning and reflection.

The foundation is calling for a series of events remembering those who have died since COVID-19 arrived in this country in March. The aim would be to [...]


Hope conference to address euthanasia concerns

Where laws enabling assisted suicide and euthanasia have been introduced, very quickly they are extended to those who are not terminally ill but disabled.


Vatican really upset my health: Fr Brian Darcy

Inability to cope with the stress of church censure "gave me cancer”.


UK Lord seeks higher quality care for the dying

Former Conservative party leader, Lord Michael Howard, praises nuns' care for his dying father.


Survey shows people ready to plan for end of life

Think Ahead guides people in legal, economic, healthcare preferences and wishes for organ donation and funeral arrangements.


Forum calls for new end of life strategy for Ireland

We must get end of life care right, says Irish Hospice Foundation


Hospice Foundation welcomes hearings on ‘End of Life’ care

Today is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.

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