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intellectual disabilities

A celebration of the life of Jean Vanier

"If the contributions of people with intellectual disabilities were allowed to shine more, the quality of life for everybody would be better.”


Tributes paid to Jean Vanier

“Rest in peace Jean Vanier and thank you for your inspiring, compassionate presence among us” – Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Papal blessing for Day for Life in England & Wales

Over 300,000 postcards to be distributed to parishioners this weekend about the wonderful gift of human life.


Major South Korean honour for Irish missionary

Columban priest Fr Noel O’Neill from Limerick awarded the Manhae international award for his work helping people with special needs.


Concerns over aspects of Korean papal visit

Columban critical of planned visit to controversial Kkottongnae centre, a care home for 4,000 physically and mentally disabled people.

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