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School ethos must be respected by proposed new RSE programme

Iona Institute says parents’ wishes must be front and centre of any revision as it is their children who are being taught and parents are the primary educators.


Dioceses introduce measures to minimise flu spread 

The handshake represents a low risk of spreading virus, but if people are uncomfortable about it, they can use a smile or a bow - Dublin Archdiocese.


26 terminations under new abortion law in 2014

Three of the twenty-six terminations were carried out the basis of a risk to the life of the mother from suicide.


HSE is facilitating cover up PLC claims

Failure to condemn practices at IFPA-run clinics sends out message that it's okay for counselling agencies to encourage women to lie to their doctors: PLC


PLC: Savita’s death was about mismanagement

Nine staff who treated Ms Halappanavar before her death at Galway University Hospital disciplined.

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