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Game of Thrones

617 million children worldwide lack basic maths and literacy skills

Ahead of International Day of Education on 24th January, World Vision Ireland has highlighted that if every girl worldwide received 12 years’ quality education, lifetime earnings for women would increase by US$15 to US$30 trillion globally.


Celebratory evening in recognition of the late Canon Liz McElhinney

The Revd Stephen McElhinney said: “My mother’s special ability was to notice; she had a unique ability to connect with people but also to notice the world in which she lived, which left her invigorated physically, mentally and spiritually.”


‘Game of Thrones’ star is Goal’s ambassador for Haiti

Actor to learn about Goal's work to support those affected by 2010 earthquake.


Host of stars to address sports and ethics conference

‘Fair Play Hall of Fame’ to honour rugby star Nevin Spence who died tragically last year.

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