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McAleese walks Brigid’s Way for TV

Karen Ward, speaking of Mary McAleese and her guest, said: “They really felt the essence of pilgrimage – that every step is a prayer, that it takes you deeper into yourself, and being out in nature.”


St Brigid’s Day events in Dundalk and in Dublin

The pilgrimage in Dublin starts at the Bridewell Garda Station in Smithfield and finishes at St Brigid’s Well in Clondalkin, four hours’ walk away.


Brigid’s Way split into weekend walks

The full pilgrimage experience will be offered in separate two-day sections between June and September in order to facilitate those unable to do the nine days in one go.


Brigid’s Way walk for National Heritage week

“We will walk one of the nine stages of Brigid’s Way but in reverse” - Karen Ward.


St Brigid’s Way joins National Pilgrim Paths

The Brigid’s Way Celtic Pilgrimage takes nine days and charts St Brigid’s journey from her birthplace and shrine in Faughart Co Louth to her Abbey, healing and garden wells in Kildare.


St Brigid’s Way making great strides

Pilgrimage starts at Brigid's Well in Faughart Co Louth on 28 June and arrives in Kildare on 6 July.

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