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Dr Mary McAleese

Poll shows two-thirds of Irish in favour of married priests

The survey of 875 adults took place at 64 locations across the country, between 23rd July and 6th August.


Most senior woman politician in Arab world to address Waterford Cathedral

“Hers is a voice that we need to hear in an age when reasoned discussion is at a premium."


Nano Nagle Place opens

“I believe that the vision, the dream of Nano Nagle Place honours the past, is an expression of our living heritage, it is a prophetic witness of the power of Nano’s story and our story in finding new ways to respond to the needs of our world today in order to be a sign of hope for the future." Sr Mary Deane


Former president among first lay ecumenical canons for Church of Ireland

The Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson, the Archbishop of Dublin stated: “In a small yet significant way I hope that the cathedral will be able to recognise, in the year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the distinct and unique contributions of a wide range of people associated with public and religious life in Ireland from a wide variety of perspectives.”


Humanae Vitae was ‘prophetic’ scholars claim

Wijngaards Statement is based on a purely biological or physicalist understanding of sexuality that has long been surpassed, claims Irish theologian.


Tragedy struck “at a beautiful moment in their lives”

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin leads prayers and condolences for Berkeley victims saying "These young men and women were the products of what is best in Irish families".


Documentary considers Francis’ past and future

Can Pope Francis hold the Catholic Church together and reform it at the same time?


Homelessness campaigners on peace shortlist

Fr Peter McVerry, Sr Stan Kennedy and Bro Kevin Crowley nominated collectively for their efforts to tackle homeless crisis.

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