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Religious leaders in UK call for cancellation rather than suspension of debt

“To insist on debt repayment in the face of the suffering caused by this pandemic would be an affront to the faith traditions that we represent. There is an overarching moral case for debt relief in many faiths,” state the bishops and religious leaders in the UK.


SVP calls for greater controls on moneylenders

“Moneylenders are meeting a need for access to credit but often at a cost which people who are better off and who have other options would baulk at.”


Put a cap on moneylenders’ interest rates, SVP tells Central Bank

The SVP is calling on government to introduce an interest rate cap that reduces the total cost of credit that moneylenders can legally charge.


Prayers to St Dymphna for Blue Monday promoted

The Mental Health Project of the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales is raising awareness of the patron saint of mental illness.


Parish appeals to parishioners for financial help

Special contribution sought from parishioners of St Joseph's in Mountmellick to alleviate crippling debt incurred by refurbishment programme in 2006.


A rising tide won’t lift all boats SJI warns

Social Justice Ireland publishes 2014 Socio-Economic Review.

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