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Wealth inequality is a matter of life and death, CSO figures reveal

“Protestants have a history of wealth while Catholics do not.”


Children still living in poverty in Ireland

Children are living in households which are going 24 hours without a substantial meal, or being cold because parents are unable to afford to heat the home.


Iona welcomes stay-at-home mum poll

“The State should not favour one particular childcare choice over another ... The State should allocate resources in such a way as to financially support the various choices parents want to make about the care of their children during the day.”


Focus Ireland welcomes publication of new homeless data

“This census data ... demolishes many of the myths that people have about ‘the homeless’. It shows that people who are homeless look very much like everyone else in the population.”


Demands on SVP grow as one in twelve Irish people now in ‘consistent poverty’

More needs to be done, otherwise too many of our children will spend their childhoods going without basics like secure housing, healthy food and suitable clothing.


Intolerable: thousands of homes vacant at time of homeless emergency

Peter McVerry Trust calls for compulsory purchase of vacant buildings in private ownership.

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