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Waterford bishop carries cross around his city

“Nobody was disrespectful. Certainly there were people who were indifferent, people who did not know exactly what was going on, but there were people who stopped and blessed themselves and wanted a blessing,” Bishop Cullinan said.


Bishop Brendan Kelly ‘obedience is for grown-ups’

The God who is our Father is forever creator, life-giver. Not in spite of darkness, pain and death but in and through them – Bishop Brendan Kelly.


Man who has carried 12-foot cross through 176 countries visits Ireland

Keith Wheeler has been travelling around the world with his cross for over thirty years as a pilgrim of peace with a message of reconciliation and love.


Authorities bulldoze church and mosque in Calais

“The destruction of these places of worship is at odds with the fundamental human right to worship freely according to the beliefs and principles of all those in the jungle.”


Carrauntoohil cross reinstated by volunteers

Video sent to TheJournal.ie showed the cutting down of the cross with an angle grinder.


Kerry locals lament felling of Carrauntoohil cross

Vandalising of five metre steel cross sparks debate over whether Christian symbols should be placed on public landmarks.


Archbishop offers to dialogue with young people

A “huge new generation is emerging whose faith has to be nourished in a new way”.

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