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Constitutional Convention

Urgent need to stop more families becoming homeless

Bishops mark International Human Rights Day with a call to redouble efforts to prevent more deaths of homeless people on our streets.


Church may opt out of marriage registration role

In the event of marriage being redefined as a consequence of a Yes vote in the referendum, the bishops may instruct priests not to act as civil registrars for marriages.


Focus petition Taoiseach on ‘right to housing’

In Cork, some families are living in cars, others are broken up, with mothers and children under 12 going to one centre, fathers to another, and teenage boys to emergency foster care, reports Focus Ireland Cork.


Constitutional Convention recommends right to a home

Europe has 11 million empty homes - enough to house all of the Continent's homeless twice.


Convention debates place of blasphemy in Constitution

Reference to blasphemy “largely obsolete" according to Irish Council of Churches.

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