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Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Broadcasting Authority rejects complaints of pro-Catholic bias in RTE programming

"There is no requirement for an equal portion of time to be devoted to each service or to each faith," says the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.


BAI rejects complaint over negative comments regarding Funeral Mass and the Rosary

“It is very disappointing when media agendas succeed in trampling over and insulting faith practice," - Martin Long, Director of the CCO.


Concern raised at denial of 50:50 air time balance for referendum

When you take the emphasis off  'balance', the idea of fairness becomes almost an optional extra, because balance is a way of measuring fairness - Family and Media Association


Broadcasting Authority of Ireland rejects 28 complaints

Of all the 33 complaints five were upheld. Just over one third of the 28 rejected complaints were about religion, blasphemy and pro-life.


BAI issues formal warning to RTÉ over biased abortion coverage

Third complaint against The Ray D’Arcy Show upheld.


RTE must ‘rein in’ Ray D’Arcy warns PLC

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds another complaint of media bias by The Ray D’Arcy Show in its treatment of the issue of abortion.


Atheist Ireland objects to revamped Angelus on RTÉ

Editor of Religious Programmes at RTÉ, Roger Childs, rejects contention that the Angelus is biased in favour of Catholics.


Call for fair debate on same-sex marriage

Iona Institute reminds media presenters that they ought to be more like referees, ensuring a balanced debate.


Spirit Radio now broadcasting in Kildare

But proximity to RTE's bandwidth making it more difficult for Spirit to roll out service on FM across whole of Ireland.


BAI upholds bias complaint against RTE show

Family and Media Association complained that one side was “forcibly absent” from a debate on same-sex marriage on Derek Mooney Show.


Complaint by Meath diocese against RTE upheld

Liveline broadcast on funeral guidelines "was not presented with due accuracy."

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