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Bishop Eamon Walsh

ACP priest says new style of leadership is needed for Irish Church

Bishops need courage not to keep looking over their shoulders to Rome and to confront – respectfully but robustly – those who want to lead us back to the nineteenth century.


Ecumenism is not optional says Pope, as unity octave begins

“We just work together and try to provide a Christian witness in a world which is becoming increasingly secular and anti-Church. So I think we feel we have a common purpose.” – Rev Leslie Robinson


Dominicans bid sad farewell to Athy foundation

Association with Co Kildare town dating back to the 13th century comes to an end due to a lack of friars.


Reduce alcohol intake for Lent bishop urges

“The last thing I want to be is a killjoy – I love sports but I do know that the advertising of alcohol in sporting events influences young people extraordinarily.”


Bishop alarmed by level of alcohol consumption

Vice-chair of Irish Bishops’ Drugs Initiative responds to call for the opening of pubs on Good Friday.


Comiskey coverage about selling newspapers: Bishop

Ferns successor dismisses interview as a stunt to make money.


Binge drinking linked with rape Archbishop warns

Irish Bishops Drugs Initiative holds national conference in Dublin at weekend.

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