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UN Human Rights Committee

UN Human Rights Committee once again targets Ireland’s abortion law

The United Nations Human Rights Committee “is behaving like the international wing of the Irish abortion lobby,” warns PLC spokesperson Cora Sherlock.


Dáil to consider proposals for Citizens’ Assembly

Citizens' Assembly on abortion is a pretence says Senator Ronan Mullen. "Oireachtas Éireann should be the only legitimate Citizens' Assembly."


PLC hits back at criticism of Ireland’s abortion law

Over a ten year period from 2000, 491 babies who survived botched abortions in Canada were abandoned by medical staff and left to die alone.


Irish abortion law too restrictive: UN Committee

Human Rights Committee’s partisan attitude supporting abortion undermines credibility of report on Ireland: PLC.


PLC accuses UN of ignoring ‘right to life’ of unborn

Ireland in breach of international human rights legislation by not having wider access to abortion UN Rapporteur suggests.


PLC angered by insensitive wording of CRR case

Center for Reproductive Rights files case against Ireland's abortion laws with UN.

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