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Turn Off the Red Light campaign

Renewed call to enact law to criminalise sex buyers

TD John Halligan's comments re-ignites call to criminalise the purchase of sex in Ireland.


Ireland is on the cusp of beating sex traffickers

Ruhama is urging the next government to make the Sexual Offences Bill an absolute priority and place it at the top of their agenda as soon as they come to power.


Call for law to protect trafficked sex workers

Sexual Offences Bill will be an opportunity to “wreck the business model” for pimps and traffickers and ensure that Ireland is no longer a safe haven for such crimes.


Unions condemn sex workers’ exploitation

Globally trafficking for sexual exploitation puts $99 billion into the pockets of criminals each year.


Ireland a destintion for traffickers and pimps – Ruhama

A record number of women accessed Ruhama's services last year.

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