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Public Service Obligation Levy (PSO)

Concern over planned electricity levy price rise

"Energy usage during the restrictions has increased as people are at home more, and many households will experience bill shocks at a time when they are on a reduced income. This must be factored into decisions regarding the application of the PSO levy in 2020/2021, as the proposed increase will add additional pressure to already struggling households,” said Kieran Stafford, National President, SVP.


Many unable to pay increasing electricity and bin charges

“Autumn is a particularly difficult time for families who have just faced back-to-school costs and are worrying about upcoming Christmas expenses and getting through the winter months when energy bills are at their highest,” said SVP.


SVP criticises proposed increase in PSO Levy on electricity bills

Proposed 36% increase in the Public Service Obligation Levy (PSO) will wipe out almost 50% of recent savings for electricity customers.


Reduction of levy on electricity bills too small: SVP

The SVP has seen the amount it pays for energy costs for those who can’t afford to pay increase steadily over the last number of years.

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