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Pope launches into spontaneous Q&A with students

In a style that seems to have almost become signature of the current pontificate, Pope Francis stepped out of yet another scripted session to engage in a spontaneous question-and-answer period with hundreds of children and teens.

The papal audience in the Paul VI Hall with students, teachers and staff of Jesuit [...]


Pope Francis to future diplomats: no to careerism!

Pope Francis on Thursday spoke to the members of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, which is dedicated to training priests to serve in the diplomatic corps and the Secretariat of State of the Holy See.

In his address, the Holy Father reminded the students that they must cultivate a deep spiritual life [...]


Pope Francis to spend Summer at Vatican

Pope Francis will remain at the Domus Sanctae Marthae residence in the Vatican, even during the summer months.

The Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Fr Federico Lombardi, SJ affirmed the Holy Father’s intentions after presenting the Pope’s summer schedule on Thursday.

Fr Lombardi also announced that that the [...]


Pope Francis renews appeal for peace in Syria

Pope Francis met with humanitarian groups dealing with the Syrian crisis on Wednesday before his general audience. The event was organized by the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum”.

“In the face of ongoing and overwhelming violence, I strongly renew my appeal for peace,” said the Holy Father. He encouraged the inititatives of [...]


Pope Francis: Counter a culture of waste with solidarity

When stock markets drop ten points its ‘a tragedy’ but starving children, homeless people dying on our streets, people disposed of like trash – such as the unborn or the elderly – has become the norm.

This is the result of a culture of waste, of our being unable to ‘read [...]


Papal video message for “Ten Squares for Ten Commandments” initiative

This coming Saturday, 8 June, the Holy Father will send a video message to those participating in the “Ten Squares for Ten Commandments” initiative that is being promoted by the Renewal in the Holy Spirit movement. It will take place in the Square of the [...]


Pope Francis: Hypocrisy is the language of the corrupt

Hypocrites may say all the right things, but for the wrong reasons. A Christian should not use a “socially mannered language”, prone to hypocrisy, but speak the truth of the Gospel with the transparency of a child. There is no truth without love; love is the first truth.This was the [...]


Pope Francis moves on Vatican finance reform

Pope Francis has established a Pontifical Commission charged with drawing up an “exhaustive” report into the juridical standing and activities of the Vatican’s financial institution, the Institute for Religious Works, more commonly known as the IOR.

The Commission is composed of 5 people. These include two US natives, Harvard Law Professor [...]


A papal calendar

Henry Peel OP recounts the story of the gradual adoption throughout Europe of Pope Gregory XIII’s new calendar, a replacement for the inaccurate Julian calendar.


The making of a Pope – II. The priesthood

This is the second instalment of The making of a Pope, Fr. Alan McGuckian’s account of the life of Pope John Paul II before his election to the chair of Peter.


The Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II

A brief summary of the fourteen encyclicals of Pope John Paul II, by Dermot Roantree.


The making of a pope – III. Priest, teacher, bishop, pope

In the last installment of his series, Alan McGuckian S.J. covers the years from Wojtyla’s ordination to his election in the second conclave of 1978.


The making of a pope – I. Early years

Part I of an account of Pope John Paul II’s formative years, to commemorate his Silver Jubilee, by Alan McGuckian, S.J.


The Pope’s visit to Ireland

The transcript of a 3R Productions Radio programme recounting the Pope’s visit to Ireland in September 1979.


Pope presents the pallium to metropolitan archbishops

On Sunday next, 29th June, the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles, Pope Benedict will confer the pallium on a number of metropolitan archbishops appointed during the course of the last year at a concelebrated Mass in the Vatican Basilica. Patrick Duffy explains.


Bestowing the pallium: sharing his authority and communion

Every pope receives the pallium along with the Fisherman’s Ring when he is invested at his first Mass as Pope. Every Feast of SS Peter and Paul, 29th June, the pope also imposes the pallium on each of the new metropolitan archbishops.


The courage to be imperfect

Maynooth professor, D. Vincent Twomey SVD, a former doctoral student of Pope Benedict XVI, reflects on the transformation of his university teacher into the Universal Teacher of the Nations.


The fisherman’s net: the influence of the papacy on history

Fr Michael Collins examines the extraordinary history of the papacy and the great influence it has had on the development of civilisation.


The other Benedicts

Paul Kildare lists previous Popes Benedict. One was a saint, another a scoundrel. One was murdered, another excommunicated. One was an antipope, another had a brother and a nephew popes.


A reign too brief: blessed John XXIII

In this short work, Joseph McEvoy summarises the life of Pope John XXIII, one of the most important and best loved popes of recent centuries.


John Paul the Great

William Oddie edits a collection of essays by distinguished Catholic writers, each assessing some aspect of Karol Wojtyla’s extraordinary achievement as Pope John Paul II.


The unlikely election of John XXIII

Rev. Lawrence F. Murphy’s personal recollections of the epoch-making election of Pope John XXIII.

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