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Oireachtas Justice Committee

Missionary appeals to TDs over Bill to restrict travel by convicted paedophiles

If enacted, the legislation will “help to curtail child abuse sex tourism and protect children in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia where child protection laws are weak or not enforced” - Columban missionary, Fr Shay Cullen.


Call for law to protect trafficked sex workers

Sexual Offences Bill will be an opportunity to “wreck the business model” for pimps and traffickers and ensure that Ireland is no longer a safe haven for such crimes.


Unions condemn sex workers’ exploitation

Globally trafficking for sexual exploitation puts $99 billion into the pockets of criminals each year.


Liberalising prostitution isn’t the solution

Speaking at the launch of Ruhama's annual report, Senator Bacik says criminalising the purchaser has resulted in a reduction in prostitution and trafficking in Sweden.


Ruhama welcomes prostitution legislation vote

“In passing this resolution, the European Parliament is acknowledging the intrinsic link between prostitution and trafficking for sexual exploitation.”

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