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Westminster vote tomorrow could be hijacked, warns Archbishop of Armagh

“The direct and intentional taking of the life of any innocent human being is always gravely wrong – we must avoid becoming desensitised to the value of every human life.”


Video – I’m a young proud Irish woman and I’m voting No

“I’m sick of being told that without the right to take a life, without the right to kill, that somehow I am not equal. This is not a proposal designed to help women – it is an excuse to do nothing else.”


Video – Women hurt by abortion

“All I needed was someone to come alongside and say to me you can do this. But it wasn’t there…..the support I needed, the information I needed, wasn’t there.”


Source: Choose Life 2018.ie


Video – Dr McKenna on why most doctors are not campaigning to repeal the 8th

Doctor McKenna reiterates the fact that most doctors are not campaigning to repeal the 8th amendment, because it is not healthcare. If the 8th amendment is repealed it will lead to abortion on demand up to 12 weeks in Ireland. Minister Harris has proposed that this will be a GP-led [...]


Video – Most medical professionals are not supporting repeal the 8th

Most medical professionals are not supporting the repeal of the 8th amendment and are remaining neutral, because this is not a healthcare issue. As five former chairs of the Institute of Obstetricians have pointed out, it’s about legalising abortion on demand in Ireland.


Video – Dr Niall Maguire – The referendum isn’t about abortion in limited cases



Source: Love Both / Medical Alliance for the 8th


Video – Meet Grace McBreen “she’s a little miracle”


Source: Love Both


Video – Frank, Social Worker

Abortion is often coerced or forced, particularly for vulnerable young women. Listen to Frank, a social worker, explain.


Source: Save the 8th


Video – Conor’s Story


Source: Love Both.ie


Stand up for Life rally hits the streets of Dublin

Ciara Ferry sums up the referendum debate that has taken place over the past week, when obstetricians on both sides of the debate spoke out.


Referendum debate continues, this time on live TV

Ciara Ferry reviews Friday’s debate on the Late Late Show, and says that with two more televised debates expected before 25 May, campaigners will hope that calm, rational debate will keep viewer numbers up and encourage a high turn-out on polling day.


Lifting of Eighth Amendment will introduce abortion on demand

“There is no going back,” says Love Both as it launches campaign for a 'No' vote.

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