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Department of Justice and Equality

Ruhama hails conviction of sex buyer under new law

“We know that buyers don’t care about the welfare of the person they are seeking so-called ‘sexual services’ from, even when they are victims of trafficking. Paying for sex is not an expression of sexuality: it is primarily the assertion of male dominance over women.”


Jesuit Refugee Service welcomes ombudsman access for direct provision residents

Some of the most common complaints made to JRS Ireland about living conditions related to a lack of access to cooking facilities and inadequate private living space.


Anti trafficking Gift Box project hits Irish streets

The walk-in piece of public art is intended to get people’s attention. Its gift box exterior symbolises the way traffickers entice their victims with false promises.


Govt accused of ‘groupthink’ on children’s bill

Senator Mullen decries “express train” speed at which the Government is rushing the Children and Family Relationships Bill through the Seanad.


Oireachtas committee hearing on prisoners overseas

ICPO urges Oireachtas members to address repatriation of IPP sentenced prisoners.

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