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Democratic Unionist Party

Bishops dismayed as new abortion regime takes effect

Northern Ireland now has “one of the most liberal abortion regimes anywhere in the world” in which “some unborn children will be left completely defenceless”.


Catholic primate calls for Northern Irish school closures, but DUP says ‘No’.

"It is important to give very strong consideration to the closure of all schools in the very near future. We need to fight this virus together," said Archbishop Eamon Martin.


Please pray for peace process, asks Archbishop of Armagh

“Lord Jesus Christ, you are the way of peace. Come into the brokenness of this land with your healing love.”


NI Assembly election results endorse pro life ethos

Fifty nine of newly elected MLAs in Northern Ireland Assembly have vowed to vote against abortion.


NI election a good result for pro life candidates

Elected MPs urged to be a voice for the unborn at Westminster.

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