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Congregation of Holy Cross

Documentary claims CIA bankrolled Rosary priest Fr Patrick Peyton

According to ‘Guns & Rosaries’ producer, “Fr Patrick Peyton was involved in a covert campaign, funded by CIA dollars, to combat leftist political movements in Latin America in the early 1960s.”


Father Patrick Peyton declared Venerable

During his final year in the seminary he was diagnosed with tuberculosis which at that time was incurable. Fr Peyton was given little hope by the medical team, however he prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary for a recovery and his health began to improve.


Tributes to Irish-born ex head of Catholic Institute

Fr Bartley MacPháidín transformed Stonehill College in Boston "academically, aesthetically and financially.”


Safeguard Catholic identity Pope urges university

Catholic identity must be clear and uncompromising Pontiff warns Notre Dame in the US.

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