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Remaining a Catholic after the Murphy Report

Watch talk by the author Fr Kevin Egan at IEC2012 on the struggle to claim Catholic identity at this time.


Are we losing the young church? Youth ministry …

Gerard Gallagher writes this history of youth ministry in Ireland out of concern that the mistakes of the past will not be repeated in the future.


An Informed Laity: A Reformed Irish Church

Seán MacGabhann assures lay people that they can really experience God, not just have an intellectual knowledge.


Parish Pastoral Councils: A formation manual

This 'how-to-do-it' workbook by Debra Snoddy, Jim Campbell and Andrew McNally lays out the necessary steps for forming, enabling and sustaining a parish pastoral council.


Share the Good News – Catechesis Directory

Share the Good News - the first National Directory for Catechesis in Ireland - was launched at the Mater Dei Institute of Education in Dublin.


Inter-Church Relations: Developments …

This book celebrates the commitment that Bishop Anthony Farquhar has brought to inter-Church relations over the twenty-five years of his episcopate.


Where to now for Irish Catholicism?

The problems that are besetting the Catholic Church in Ireland will ultimately lead to a new, more theologically informed, open and charitable institution, writes Eamon Maher.


Soul at work: spiritual leadership in organizations

Each of the organizations that Margaret Benefiel profiles in this lively and informative book shows the profound role that spirituality, defined as "the human spirit, fully engaged" can play in leadership and organizational life.


The welcoming parish – Donal Harrington

What is our parish for? The key issues - vision, leadership structures, getting people involved, planning for the future, adult faith, young people - are all addressed by Donal Harrington.


Simple Faith: Friends – Clare Catford

This a practical and very honest book about how to be a friend, how to keep the friends you have and how to nurture friendships that may be difficult and challenging.


Dancing with dinosaurs: a 21st century spirituality

This book by Mark Patrick Hederman is a kind of extended metaphor or metaphysical conceit for our relationship with God.


Pluralism & Diversity in early 21st century Ireland …

This book by Mícheál Mac Gréil SJ documents the positive change in attitudes towards Northern Ireland and Britain following the peace process.


A New Vision for the Catholic Church: A View from Ireland

116 pp. The Columba Press. To purchase this book online, go to www.columba.ie

THE BOOKIn the wake of the succession of scandals and institutional failures of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Fr Gerry O’Hanlon SJ held a series of [...]


Who’s in charge? Towards a leadership of service

The papers of the 2009 Céifin Conference edited by Harry Bohan explore the kind of vision, values and leadership required to repair the damage of the past and find a way forward.


Fidelity without fundamentalism:…

What is fundamentalism? The question discussed here is about protecting a valuable tradition. Gerard J. Hughes SJ looks at some of the pitfalls of translating the tradition.


Meetings matter! spirituality and skills for meetings

This book grew out of an MA course in Applied Spirituality directed by the authors (P. Brady and B. Grogan) in the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Dublin.


The Dublin/Murphy Report: A watershed …?

As it did with the Ryan Report, the Columba Press has recently produced an excellent collection of responses to the Dublin/Murphy Report. Ed. by John Littleton and Eamon Maher


Lough Derg: the spirit of a holy place

John Cunningham, a retired headmaster in Fermanagh, looks at the legends and the deep spiritual traditions in Lough Derg’s lengthy history as a place of pilgrimage.


Glendalough: a celtic pilgrimage

Michael Rodgers and Marcus Losack provide a detailed guide to the ancient pilgrimage site of Glendalough, revealing its rich traditions, legends and stories.


Conflict, controversy and co-operation

Norman W. Taggart, a Methodist minister who was deeply involved in the Irish Council of Churches during the early years of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, follows the story of that body as it broke new ground in ecumenical relations with the Catholic Church.


The living body of Christ

In this collection of previously unpublished talks and interviews, Metropolitan Anthony sets out his thoughts on the experience of the Church, about how it brings together humanity with divinity, about doubt and heresy and about Christian witness. Through powerful images his thought is both compelling and accessible.


A “community of communities”

How a parish of 30,000 people can become a vibrant community if lay volunteers are trained and used well – former leader of the Columbans in England, Ed O’Connell, now back in Peru, explains.


Healing and hope: memories of an Irish ecumenist

Michael Hurley SJ, renowned Irish ecumenist and co-founder of the Irish School of Ecumenics, looks back over forty years of ecumenical experience.


The Presbyterian Church in Ireland

This book is Finlay Holmes’ popular study of the Presbyterians of Ireland – who they are, where they have come from, their theological and political conflicts, their identity and ethos, and their significant role in Irish religious and political history.


A fractured relationship: faith and the crisis of culture

Thomas Norris believes that Christian faith still has a relevant message for today’s culture in the West. Drawing on Newman, Voeglin and Lonergan, he believes that Christian faith should not be presupposed, but proposed afresh in a dialogue of faith and reason.


Think big act small

This book by Johnny Doherty, Oliver Crilly, Frank Dolaghan and Paddi Curran records the induction and formation process associated with the development of the pastoral council, the effort to extend the collaborative dynamic to more and more people within the parish community and the thinking which inspires them.


The Irish School of Ecumenics (1970-2007)

In the emerging post-secular society the Irish School of Ecumenics has a bright future. This is founder Michael Hurley SJ’s assessment of the role of an institution he fouunded almost forty years ago and which is still very much at the heart of academic and cultural life in Ireland and [...]


The end of Irish Catholicism?

In a thoughtful and provocative new book, Fr D. Vincent Twomey SVD assesses Irish Catholicism in past centuries and in our own time.


A handbook for parish pastoral councils

Author Jane Ferguson hopes that this Handbook for Parish Pastoral Councils will serve as a reference and resource to assist parishes in the threefold task of establishing pastoral councils, training pastoral councillors and enabling them to serve the parish with faith-filled confidence.


The Irish School of Ecumenics (1970-2007): ‘Like wheat that springs up green’

In the emerging post-secular society the Irish School of Ecumenics has a bright future. This is founder Michael Hurley SJ’s assessment of the role of an institution he founded almost forty years ago and which is still very much at the heart of academic and cultural life in Ireland and [...]

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