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New ecclesial movements: Communion and Liberation, Neo-Catechumenal Way, Charismatic Renewal

Tony Hanna provides an introduction to and an analysis of the new energetic movements in the Church. He asks how the theological questions they raise might be resolved and what are the risks and potential they bring for the Church.


Parish Pastoral Councils: a framework for developing diocesan norms and parish guidelines

This little booklet presents a dynamic vision of how the parish community can be developed as an instrument of ministry and mission of the kingdom of God in Celtic Tiger Ireland.


Three Dancers One Dance

The subtitle of this book by Salesian James O’Halloran is “A Workshop on the Vision and Practicalities of Small Christian Communities and Groups” and that is exactly what it is. Any priest or pastoral worker could begin to build up basic Christian communities using this book.


The debt Ireland owes the Catholic Church

John Bruton TD acknowledges the faults of the Church in Ireland but argues that the benefits which Ireland has gleaned from its Catholic culture outweighs them.


Religion and politics in Ireland at the turn of the millennium

James Mackey and Enda McDonagh edit this collection of essays to commemorate the 75th birthday of Garret Fitzgerald. The essays are on contemporary issues relating to church and state in Ireland, and the authors include Geraldine Smyth, Patrick Hannon and Dermot Lane.


Forty years a sowing

Fr. Dermot Mc Carthy, RTE’s head of religious programmes, reflects on 40 years of Irish television and the role of religious broadcasting.


Irish and Catholic?: Towards an understanding of identity

This book, edited by Louise Fuller, John Littleton and Eamom Maher, examines the changed, and changing, face of Irish Catholicism, Irish identity and the Irish socio-religious landscape at the beginning of the third millennium.


Over my shoulder: a memoir

Norma MacMaster, now a priest of the Church of Ireland, living in Skerries, describes her growing up as a Presbyterian in Balieborough, Co Cavan, in the 1940s and 50s. At harmony with neighbours, yet holding on to their own way of seeing things, she knew the necessity of going to [...]


Spirituality of leadership: inspiration, empowerment, intuition and discernment

Addressing primarily those called to exercise leadership in voluntary or non-governmental agencies and in religious organisations of all kinds, Donal Dorr SPS shows they can provide a model of leadership that is both humane and effective.


Contemporary Catholicism in Ireland: A critical appraisal

This book, edited by academic Eamon Maher, Director of the National Centre for Franco-Irish Studies, and former President of the National Priests Council of Ireland Fr John Littleton, gives an analysis by clergy, educators, journalists, and artists of what is happening to Irish Catholicism today and makes suggestions toward creating [...]


With respect: authority in the Catholic Church

Lay theologian and lecturer at the Marino Institute of Education, Tony Hanna, explores the thorny problem of authority in the Church. He says himself: “The book is offered to all men and women who exercise, endure, rail against, submit to or grapple with authority. It is offered humbly and with [...]


New wine, old wineskins: The Catholic Church and change in Ireland today

Martin Tierney has written a series of inspirational essays on the changes that are taking place in our world and how we can respond to God’s love in that world.


Integration in Ireland

If there are concerns about immigration or racism, they should be listened to and discussed rationally, says Sister Stanislaus Kennedy, to prevent myths and rumour spreading false ideas about immigrants.


Savvy and the preaching of the Gospel

In a thought-provoking booklet, Desmond Fennell responds to Vincent Twomey’s book on Irish Catholicism.

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