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Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland rejects all complaints in latest decisions

BAI says Code does not mean a presenter of current affairs may never give a view or opinion, but “seeks to prevent the presenter from pursuing an agenda or advocating a partisan position such that a biased view on an issue is articulated.”


Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) seeks submissions on media plurality

The BAI states it will “promote a plurality of voices, viewpoints, outlets and sources in Irish media”.


All complaints on referendum on Eighth Amendment rejected by BAI

Two pro-choice complaints were not upheld by the Committee, and four pro-life complaints were rejected. Two complaints of anti-Catholic bias were rejected.


RTE acknowledges bias on abortion interview

"Other views on Ireland's approach to abortion ... were not provided to listeners.”


BAI revises Code of Programme Standards

"You need robust rules and referees that will stick to them,” Family and Media Association warns.

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