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Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

Bishops welcome Pope Francis’ publication for young people

“The early publication of the document is a welcome sign that Pope Francis recognises the urgency of a renewed emphasis on creating new young disciples of Jesus” – Bishop Donal McKeown of Derry.


Irish bishop on international delegation to Holy Land

“Our first purpose is to give support and encouragement to the increasingly small Catholic community in the Holy Land,” says Bishop Donal McKeown.


God Calls via a new smart phone app

“The app is not specifically to promote any one kind of vocation, but to support people in understanding God’s will for them – their vocation” - Sr Elaine Penrice fsp


End discrimination against new Catholic schools in England

The admissions cap which prevents Catholic schools from allowing all Catholic pupils to attend, is considered discriminatory


Bishops visit EU in advance of Brexit

“Essentially we must always promote the human and insist that the human is put at the centre of the European project” – Bishop Nicholas Hudson.


Prayers to St Dymphna for Blue Monday promoted

The Mental Health Project of the Bishops' Conference of England & Wales is raising awareness of the patron saint of mental illness.


Special prayers to be said in Cloyne for refugees

“The loss of such high numbers of innocent lives at sea resonates strongly with the Irish experience of the ‘coffin ships’ during the time of the Great Famine” – Bishop Crean.


British bishops call for peace in Gaza

Concern over attacks by Israeli military on Gaza's civilian population and firing of rockets by militants from Gaza on Israeli civilians.


Pope Francis meets four former sex slaves

Human trafficking is “an open wound on the body of contemporary society”.

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