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A Nun’s Story is surprise best-seller

The deeply moving true story of giving up a life of love and luxury in a single irresistible moment.


Biography of Irish born Archbishop of Melbourne scoops literary award

Researching the life of Daniel Mannix, 85 year Brenda Niall, who knew Archbishop Mannix personally, was surprised to find how liberal his views were on most issues.


Lecture explores spirituality of Dag Hammarskjöld

Private journal of spirituality of former UN Secretary General shows how he was grappling with how spirituality can become a guiding force in the lives we lead.


Wounded Prophet – A portrait of H.J.M. Nouwen

Michael Andrew Ford paints an honest and sympathetic picture, examining all areas of Nouwen's life and his legacy as a great spiritual writer.


Confessions of a lapsed Catholic – Sheila Cassidy

Sheila's "Confessions" may find echoes in hearts and minds with regard to the practice of Catholic faith today.


50 Years receiving Vatican II: a personal odyssey

This is a collection of the occasional writings of Liverpool priest Father Kevin Kelly who has been discerning and clarifying the call of God's Spirit in people's lives over the last fifty years.


Etty Hillesum: A life transformed

Etty Hillesum was a vibrant young Jewish woman who lived in Nazi occupied Amsterdam in the early 1940s and died ad Auschwitz in 1943. In the months before she was arrested she underwent a profound transformation through psychotherapy. She refused to give into hate and in this way overcame the [...]


Listen here God: a spirituality of being yourself with God

In this warm and touching book, Hilary Musgrave RSC recounts childhood memories of colourful family characters, the rigours of Irish Catholicism, first kisses, true love, hurt, forgiveness, death, and wonderings about God. All these memories contribute to her reflections on the journey of being oneself with God.


The way of a pilgrim

This is a first-person account of a wandering pilgrim in rural Russia who wants to fulfil St Paul’s command to “pray without ceasing”. What he comes upon is the ‘Jesus prayer’ and its practice transforms his life.


Reflections on a life: Ó Mhuigheó go Valparaíso

Teresita Durkan’s “Reflections on a Life” range over the seven decades of a rich spirituality from a free-ranging childhood on the Atlantic coast of Mayo, through three decades as a Sister of Mercy and re-location to Valparaiso in Chile during Pinochet’s dictatorship.


The miracle, the message, the story: Jean Vanier and l’Arche

Kathryn Spink describes the beginning, growth, vision and story of l’Arche, a special form of community where, for the past 40 years, people who are often rejected and despised by this world can help develop their potential of all to the full.


The ever open door

Ambrose Tinsely, OSB edits this review of memories of Sr Eucharia Keane RSM


A different journey

Brian D’Arcy’s controversial autobiography is his story of struggle between his human nature and his calling. As a Passionist Father he found a way of combining his love for music and sport by becoming chaplain to the entertainment industry (and playing football for charities). He has integrated a career in [...]


God’s politician: William Wilberforce’s struggle

Author Garth Lean’s story of William Wilberforce’s struggle against slavery shows that one person can make a difference, and that it is possible to combine integrity and conscience with a successful political career.


Yours sincerely

Angela MacNamara made her name writing as an agony aunt in The Sunday Press during the 1950s and 1960s. She also responded personally to about fifty letters a week as well as those that were published. She was then recruited to talk in schools with teenagers struggling to become adults. [...]


Putting hand to the plough: a memoir

Seventy-five year old retired Maynooth vice-president and parish priest Denis O’Callaghan sees his life in three phases: the twenty five years of his childhood and preparation for the priesthood, twenty five years teaching moral theology in Maynooth and twenty five years as parish priest in Mallow. This fascinating memoir charts [...]


Symbolism: the glory of escutcheoned doors

Mark Patrick Hederman OSB uses biography, art and liturgy as starting points for some creative writing. When we experience the world symbolically, he says, we find that the energy of God takes over as the operating fuel in our personalities.


Ordinary work, extraordinary grace: my spiritual journey with Opus Dei

This is a book about Opus Dei by an insider that is accessible to outsiders. Scott Hahn was a Presbyterian biblical theologian who met some members of Opus Dei and was attracted by their life and example to investigate further, eventually joining the group himself. This is his personal story. [...]


Lapsed agnostic

John Waters is journalist who has become an outspoken campaigner for fathers’ rights in Ireland. He has also written a song to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest. Here he recalls his journey from belief to unbelief and back again.


A long retreat

Anthony Krivak’s beautiful memoir of his eight years as a Jesuit becomes a long retreat in its own right as he tests all his desires against the pledge to do all “for the greater glory of God”. It becomes a pattern for our own spiritual search, for our own prayer [...]

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