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Youth Defence

Caution needed over anti-abortion protests, Archbishop warns

“I would be particularly cautious about protesting against GPs because everybody is going there, and people go there for all sorts of reasons.”


Tens of thousands rally to pro-life cause

Being pro-life means that we have an uncompromised passion for life, for what life is and never categorise any life to be of lesser values than others.


No matter what the circumstances, all life is precious

“I am not a ‘rapist’s child’. I am a human being” – Rebecca Kiessling.


Call to defund Irish Family Planning Association

“The IFPA has received substantial funding from Planned Parenthood – did some of that money come from harvesting organs of aborted babies?" asks Youth Defence.


We have to respect all life as God’s gift: Archbishop

Over 25,000 say no to abortion at Rally for Life and question why Amnesty International is calling for Ireland’s abortions laws to be changed.


Rally for Life will urge supporters: ‘Abandon Amnesty’

“People are appalled at Amnesty’s stance, especially those who previously supported the organisation” - Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Rally for Life Committee.


EU debates initiative protecting human embryos

1.7 million people seek to prohibit use of EU funds for activities linked to destruction of human embryos.


Pro Life condemns British Pregnancy Advisory Service ad

"BPAS ideology of abortion on demand until birth repugnant to most Irish people."

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