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Nine hundred delegates expected to attend Derry conference on religious education

"Our teachers are very much at the coal face in a society where there is so much pain, so much anger and so much distress."


Mater Dei Centre wants your opinion on adult religious education in Ireland

The Adult Religious Education and Faith Development (AREFD) research project is set to run for the next three years following a major grant by the north-east province of the Presentation Sisters.


Two NI primary schools to be jointly run by Churches

Desertmartin is a Church of Ireland primary school while Knocknagin is a Catholic Maintained Primary. The two are set to make history by becoming the first jointly-run church school in Northern Ireland.


Monica Brown at IEC2012

Monica Brown, from Sydney, Australia, is director of Emmaus Productions International and is acclaimed Christian composer and workshop/retreat facilitator.


New directions in religious education

In this book Finola Cunnane seeks to clarify the meaning and purpose of religious education at school, at home and in the community.


Catholic Primary Education: Facing New Challenges

The essays in this book debate the current issues surrounding Catholic primary education in Ireland.


Joining the Dots: a programme of spiritual …

"Joining the Dots is an invitation to people to explore their spirituality and connect it to their lives, including work lives" explains the author Amalee Meehan.


Moral decision making

In this book, (one of ‘Into the Classroom series’) designed for second level teachers, Patrick Hannon examines some understandings of morality and the implications of these understandings for personal moral decision making.


The Alive-O Programme

This article by John-Paul Sheridan is a general introduction to the Alive-O programme, the primary school religious education programme. Based on the quotation from St Irenaeus: “The glory of God is a person fully alive”, the programme aims at a holistic and integral development of the young person. It first appeared [...]


Religion: the Irish experience

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: J.R. Walsh surveys the country’s religious experience down the ages and in recent times. This series, edited by Eoin G. Cassidy and Patrick M. Devitt, is designed for teachers of the new Leaving Cert religious education syllabus.


The light of his face: spirituality for Catholic teachers

Fr John Bollan is Director of Spiritual and Pastoral Formation in the Religious Education Department at the University of Glasgow. He shows how scriptural passages yield spiritual richness for the teacher and he also supplies a practical tool-kit of materials to help students and teachers to develop their own faith [...]


Religion and science

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Fachtna McCarthy and Joseph McCann introduce the subject of the relationship between religious and scientific enquiry. This series, edited by Eoin G. Cassidy and Patrick M. Devitt, is designed for teachers of the new Leaving Cert religious education syllabus.


Jubilee reflection

Paul Andrews SJ recalls his experiences in education in the 1950s.


The Bible: literature & sacred text

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Benedict Hegarty OP introduces the bible as a classic – and still living – literary text and as a sacred text, and he examines the reception of the bible in the community. This series, edited by Eoin G. Cassidy and Patrick M. Devitt, [...]



Teacher Breda O’Brien tealls how she sees her job and the school can be an effective for handing on Christian beliefs and values from one generation to the next.


World Religions

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Philip Barnes provides a thorough introduction to the tenets and beliefs of all the major world religions. This series, edited by Eoin G. Cassidy and Patrick M. Devitt, is designed for teachers of the new Leaving Cert religious education syllabus.


At the heart of education: school chaplaincy & pastoral care

This series of essays, edited by James Norman, addresses issues relating to pastoral care which affect schools in present-day Ireland.


Worship, prayer and ritual

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Christopher O’Donnell OCarm examines the role of ritual, prayer and contemplation in different faith traditions, paying special attention to the Christian tradition.


The search for meaning and values

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Eoin G. Cassidy looks at how we derive and process the great questions concerning the meaning of life at large and one’s own life in particular. He discusses both secular and religious sources of values which emerge from this questioning.


Christianity: origins & contemporary expressions

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Thomas Norris and Brendan Leahy examine Christ’s vision for the world and how this vision has been received at important junctures of Christian history.


Religion and gender

From the Veritas ‘Into the Classroom’ series: Sandra Cullen explores the role of gender in religious experience in general and in Christianity in particular. She also highlights women’s contribution to the development of religious traditions.


Leading life to the full: scriptural reflections on leadership in catholic schools

David Tuohy SJ provides guidance for lay principals and teachers who as part of their own commitment to God and ministry in the church wish to deliver a christian ethos in schools.


Nurturing children’s religious imagination: the challenge of primary religious education today

Nurturing Children’s Religious Imagination is aimed at primary school teachers, parents and others as they set about responding to the challenges of religious education in the twenty-first century It is edited by Raymond Topley and Gareth Byrne.


Critical issues in religious education

A wider view of religious education shows it can make a major contribution to establishing right relations among peoples within nations and between the nations of the world. Three contributors, Oliver Brennan, Finola Cunnane and  Kieran Scott explore the context and the vision of this wider view of religious education.


Children, Catholicism and Religious Education

This book by Anne Hession and Patricia Kieran brings a welcome clarity to the language and thought about the major issues in the debate about Catholic religious education.

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