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Singing God’s praises

Liam Lawton, a Carlow-based priest, talks to Sue Leonard about his extraordinary success as composer and performer of spiritual music.


John Michael Talbot: Ministry flows from your being

To launch the Dublin Diocesan Prayer Initiative, million selling Catholic composer John Michael Talbot led prayer through music events for over 2,000 people in Drumcondra, Bray and UCD in early November. Here he talks to Link-up about his background, his ‘search for the Church’ and the source of his music.


The role of music in worship

An interview with Liam Lawton, composer and performer of sacred and liturgical music, about music as a part of the symbolic language of worship.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Christopher Moriarty introduces one of the greatest composers who ever lived, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, examining in particular his fraught relationship with his father.


Franz Joseph Haydn

Christopher Moriarty takes a look at the life of Haydn, one of the greatest composers of classical music and a devout Catholic.


Dvorák: the simple Czech music maker

Antonin Dvorák died on 1 May 1904. One of the few practising Catholics among the great composers, he left us some of the world’s most beautiful melodies, writes Bro Paul SVD.


“Who sings well prays twice”

“Bis orat qui bene cantat” (“Who sings well prays twice”) is the proverb with which the General Instruction of the Roman Missal introduces its section on “The Importance of Singing at Mass”. The choir, as well as sing its own parts, should fosters the active participation of the people in [...]


Troubadour for the Lord: John Michael Talbot

John Michael Talbot, the best-selling Catholic musician, came to Ireland in Advent 2003.

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