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Mount Melleray Abbey

Religious nuns and friars offer prayers and wisdom for COVID-19

It is understandable to feel fear and anxiety when the way we need to respond to this crisis separates us from the very things that help to keep us grounded and connected.


New Abbot for Mount Melleray

“Just recently it was decided that Mount Melleray would be a good community going forward into the future. We needed an abbot and we elected Richard and he accepted.”


Nun joins silage crew for fundraiser

On 19 August Sr Lily Scullion, from St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn, Co. Waterford, will join the all-female silage crew which will mow, rake and draw 30 acres of silage at Mount Melleray in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.


Mount Melleray Abbey celebrates ordination

Cistercians celebrate first ordination since 2006 as monk ordained by Bishop William Lee.

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