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News: Estimates of the number of abortions if the 8th is repealed

The LoveBoth campaign held a press conference this morning to launch an independent actuarial report*   to review the potential effect of a vote for repeal on Ireland’s abortion rate.

Commenting at the launch, LoveBoth spokesperson Caroline Simons stated:

“Minister Simon Harris has previously drawn comparisons between his proposed law and the abortion laws in [...]


Video-Dr Niall Maguire-Abortions will take priority over every other gynecological procedure


“Each surgical abortion will take priority over all other gynecological or obstetric services because you can’t have a waiting list for an abortion. This is estimated to be approximately 2,000 within one year if [...]


Video – In Britain 97% of abortions are on healthy babies to healthy mothers


In England and Wales 97% of all abortions are carried out under ‘Ground C’, which means there is a risk to the mental health of the mother. But even Ann Furedi, head of the British Pregnancy Advisory [...]


Video – Abortion is not Healthcare


Irish Doctors explain why Abortion is not healthcare and why they are voting No.

Source: Save the 8th


Video – Real Compassion doesn’t kill


Real Compassion is giving expectant mothers practical and emotional support. Real compassion is not abortion.

Source: Save the 8th


Video – Dr Andrew O’Regan of the Medical Alliance for the 8th

Addressing the crowd at the Stand Up for Life rally in Dublin on May 12th 2018, Dr Andrew O’Regan of the Medical Alliance for the 8th said:

“We have heard a litany of falsehoods and exaggerations – designed to create a climate of panic – to distract from the reality of repeal [...]

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