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When home-based care is best

Sister Carla Simmons writes about bringing home care to families living with AIDS in Uganda. She is a sister-doctor of the Medical Missionaries of Mary. This article first appeared in Healing and Development, a publication of the Medical Missionaries of Mary.


Living with chronic illness

Barbara J Joseph OSF gives practical advice about how to come to terms with chronic illness and discover the grace that goes with the condition.


The priest who helps others grow

Marilyn Rodrigues recounts the story of Grow, a community mental health movement co-founded by Fr Con Keogh after he himself suffered from mental illness.


Finding light after darkness

John Scally interviews Moya Brennan, formerly singer with Clannad, about turning to God after hitting rock-bottom.


The spiritual dimension of mental illness

Sean O’Conaill argues that we’re wrong to suppose that psychic buoyancy and emotional autonomy are the norm in mental health. We are relational, not autonomous, beings; and it is in the context of relationships, friendship, and love that emotional health is best considered.


Living with mental illness

Mental illness, like Alzheimer’s disease, depression and schizophrenia, is a challenge to the person who suffers it and to those close to and/or caring for them. Jeanette Brimner gives good advice on understanding mental illness.

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