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Fr Sean Healy

Inhabitants of this planet in peril says President

Climate change is the most pressing issue facing us all as a global community – President Michael D Higgins at the Cork Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice.


Future of Ireland and EU – a choice, not a chance.

The European Union has to become a caring Union, looking out for the socially deprived, Social Justice Ireland tells Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Future of the European Union.


Tax cut proposals unjust says Social Justice Ireland

A study conducted by SJI, shows that while there should be no net reduction in tax in Budget 2018, the impact of some proposals currently being considered would be what it called “profoundly unfair” because they favour only those with higher incomes.


Minimum wage is too low for a decent standard of living – Social Justice Ireland

One in ten workers are on the minimum wage, twice what was previously estimated.


Basic income is not a utopian dream

“Ireland in 2016 has the resources to implement a basic income system,” says Fr Seán Healy.


Social Justice Ireland calls for €1bn investment in infrastructure

Investing €400m on rural broadband would have better impact on productivity than tax cuts.


Europe needs to be constructive actor for peace

Peace and security policies were at the centre of the debate of the spring plenary assembly of COMECE's bishops in Brussels.


Call for Govt to increase level of investment in economy

Social Justice Ireland proposes new €7bn 3-year investment programme to boost recovery.

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