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Reconciled being, love in chaos

President Mary McAleese tells how her experience of have children has given her some understanding of how God can extend his love to so many. There is no exclusivity in God’s love: it is all-including.


When illness strikes

Jeanette Brimner explains how illnesses of her children and her husband affected how they coped with family and the changes they had to make.


Bringing up our children in the faith

Jeanette Brimner tells of her experience of communicating her own faith to her children and the stories of their Church involvement.


Solid foundations

Paul Andrews SJ puts the case for the stability that marriage offers to children and society.


Today’s newlyweds

Fr Patrick Rogers CP is director of the popular, one-day “Together” marriage preparation courses  (www.together.ie) held about 15 times per year. He says the Church needs to take account of where young people see themselves. “It is not enough,” he says, “to appeal to the faith of our fathers [...]


107 years a parent!

Jean Elliot looks back with great joy on her many years of parenting.

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