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abortion referendum

Gibraltar to vote on abortion this month

We are confident that on 19 March, when considering what kind of future they want for Gibraltar, voters will consider the unborn baby and mothers and vote NO – James Brenig, spokesperson for the Gibraltar Pro-Life Movement.


After tragedy, HSE shares shortcomings of foetal anomaly testing

The recent instruction from the HSE obligating medical staff to inform pregnant women about the limitations of foetal anomaly tests has regrettably come too late for at least one baby – Eilís Mulroy.


ACP leader hits out at the “demonisation of Catholicism” by Leo Varadkar

“Priests in Ireland have more than most borne the heat of the day.”


LAUDATO SI – Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth

Two-day International Conference "Saving our common home and the future of life on Earth". Vatican City, 5-6 July 2018, hosted by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.


Video – I’m a young proud Irish woman and I’m voting No

“I’m sick of being told that without the right to take a life, without the right to kill, that somehow I am not equal. This is not a proposal designed to help women – it is an excuse to do nothing else.”


Video – Women hurt by abortion

“All I needed was someone to come alongside and say to me you can do this. But it wasn’t there…..the support I needed, the information I needed, wasn’t there.”


Source: Choose Life 2018.ie


Video-Parents lose the right to sue loss of unborn for medical negligence if 8th repealed

“The 8th amendment has been used by lawyers acting on behalf of parents of stillborn children to hold careless third parties to account for the carelessness that led to the still-birth of their child. One such couple was Lavinia Doyle and her partner Luca Chiussi….the HSE argued that Ms Doyle’s [...]


Video – Sandra, diagnosed at 14 weeks with baby with Edward’s Syndrome urges No


Sandra Caulfield, whose baby Hope Rose was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 14 weeks, urges a No vote.

Source: Save the 8th


Video – Dr McKenna on why most doctors are not campaigning to repeal the 8th

Doctor McKenna reiterates the fact that most doctors are not campaigning to repeal the 8th amendment, because it is not healthcare. If the 8th amendment is repealed it will lead to abortion on demand up to 12 weeks in Ireland. Minister Harris has proposed that this will be a GP-led [...]


Video – Most medical professionals are not supporting repeal the 8th

Most medical professionals are not supporting the repeal of the 8th amendment and are remaining neutral, because this is not a healthcare issue. As five former chairs of the Institute of Obstetricians have pointed out, it’s about legalising abortion on demand in Ireland.


Video – Councillor Keith Redmond – Too far for me

Councillor Keith Richmond on why he is voting No on May 25th – because the Government’s unrestricted proposals are too far for him.



Source: Love Both


Video – Dr Niall Maguire – The referendum isn’t about abortion in limited cases



Source: Love Both / Medical Alliance for the 8th


Video – Meet Grace McBreen “she’s a little miracle”


Source: Love Both


Love Them Both – Archbishop Eamon Martin as the 25 May Referendum approaches

Dear brothers and sisters,

When I wrote to you in January about protecting the Eighth Amendment, I invited you to spread the word about the precious gift of life from the first moment of conception until the moment of natural death.  I encouraged you to be “missionaries [...]


Bishop John Buckley’s pastoral message on the Right to Life

Within days Ireland will be facing a Referendum to remove the right to life of the unborn from the Constitution.  I am asking you to reflect on a number of issues and misinformation that people have brought to my attention since the publication of my pastoral letter.


Pastoral message by Bishop Kevin Doran to the Diocese of Elphin on the Right to Life

Dear Parishioners,

Today we celebrate the Holy Spirit whom we describe in the Creed each week as the “Giver of Life”.  We have five days left to do all that we can to protect that Gift of Life.  I want to acknowledge the generosity of all those [...]


Video – Frank, Social Worker

Abortion is often coerced or forced, particularly for vulnerable young women. Listen to Frank, a social worker, explain.


Source: Save the 8th


Video – Dr Rory Maguire – Heart is beating at 22 days


Source: Irish Doctors for Life.com



News: Estimates of the number of abortions if the 8th is repealed

The LoveBoth campaign held a press conference this morning to launch an independent actuarial report*   to review the potential effect of a vote for repeal on Ireland’s abortion rate.

Commenting at the launch, LoveBoth spokesperson Caroline Simons stated:

“Minister Simon Harris has previously drawn comparisons between his proposed law and the abortion laws in [...]


Doctors for Life – Dr Ronan Cleary

Dr Ronan Cleary on the 8th Amendment


Video – Choose Life – Life-limiting conditions are still life

“The term fatal foetal abnormality is not only hurtful to parents, it is also medically inappropriate and misleading. No doctor can say with certainty just how long a child with these conditions can live outside the womb” Tracy Harkin


Video-Dr Niall Maguire-Abortions will take priority over every other gynecological procedure


“Each surgical abortion will take priority over all other gynecological or obstetric services because you can’t have a waiting list for an abortion. This is estimated to be approximately 2,000 within one year if the 8th Amendment [...]


Video – In Britain 97% of abortions are on healthy babies to healthy mothers


In England and Wales 97% of all abortions are carried out under ‘Ground C’, which means there is a risk to the mental health of the mother. But even Ann Furedi, head of the British Pregnancy Advisory [...]


Video – Abortion is not Healthcare


Irish Doctors explain why Abortion is not healthcare and why they are voting No.

Source: Save the 8th


Video – John Bruton says Vote No

“The proposed legislation would allow the abortion of a healthy baby from a healthy mother for any reason at all in the first 3 months of a 9 month pregnancy. It also allows for the abortion of a healthy baby in the first 6 months of a 9 month pregnancy [...]


Video – The 8th protects both Mother and Baby


The Supreme Court says that only the 8th Amendment protects the right to life of the unborn baby. If the 8th is repealed, every unborn baby will have no constitutional rights.

Source: Save the 8th


Video – Real Compassion doesn’t kill


Real Compassion is giving expectant mothers practical and emotional support. Real compassion is not abortion.

Source: Save the 8th


Archbishop of Dublin praises single parents who witness to life

“In future it is possible that small minority parties of a coalition government could demand that abortion legislation be extended as part of a programme for government,” says Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.


Spring pastoral letter on human life by Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly SMA

Dear parishioners and all people of good will in the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly,

Spring has at last come and I wish to send you greetings and good wishes.  The harsh winter we have experienced is now coming to an end as the signs of new [...]


Pastoral letter by Bishop John Fleming to the Diocese of Killala

“True compassion does not marginalise anyone, nor does it humiliate and exclude; much less consider the disappearance of a person as a good thing” – Pope Francis

I am aware that the current public debate on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland, Article 40.3.3, is complex, [...]

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