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Rubicon explores 100 years of Irish faith & culture

By editor - 12 April, 2016


Once again the big questions around faith and culture will be up for discussion at the annual Rubicon gathering which takes place in the Church of Ireland College of Education in Dublin this weekend.

Rubicon is a yearly event which sets out to explore how people of faith can continue to engage in all spheres of influence.

The contributors are numerous and varied and the format allows participants to chat in a “TED”-esque format with interaction, table discussion and tea.

The event was co-founded by Greg Fromholz and the Rev Rob Jones as a Holy Trinity Rathmines initiative and is open to all.

The conference’s method of learning is: exposure, conversation and collaboration.

The organisers make an intentional effort to platform the best and the brightest ideas that are shaping this island and the world and interact with them.

It brings together leaders from the media, education, politics, arts and entertainment, business, the social sector and the Churches to learn from one another.

Organisers believe that inherent in Christian faithfulness is the responsibility to create a better world, one that reflects God’s original design and intention.

Rubicon is a place where those gathered will be able to explore what that might look like and how God’s intention is showing up in the lives of their peers and the cultural projects they create.

This year, Rubicon will explore 100 years of Irish culture, arts and faith – ‘1916-2016: Before, Between and Beyond’.

The keynote speaker is Brian Zahnd from Minnesota in the US, who is a pastor and author of ‘Water to Wine’, ‘A Farewell to Mars’ and ‘Beauty Will Save The World’.

Other speakers include Stephen James Smith, slam poet, writer and performer; Sr Denise Boyle, director of MECPATHS (Mercy Efforts to Counter Child Prostitution and Trafficking in the Hospitality Sector); Canon Patrick Comerford of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute; and Shane O’Doherty, author of ‘The Volunteer: A Former IRA Man’s True Story’.

Other contributors include Brendan Joseph, textile design artist; Dr James Gallen, lecturer in the School of Law & Government in DCU; Sr Imelda Wickham, Wheatfield prison chaplain; Ferg Brown, founder and owner of Roasted Brown; Natasa Paulberg, Dublin Composer; Rob Clarke, CEO of Spirit FM; and Rabin Das, Nutrition Lecturer at UCD Sport & Fitness.

Hosted by Rev Rob Jones of Holy Trinity, Rathmines and Greg Fromholz of Rubicon, it was take place on 16 April, 9:30am-4:30pm at the Church of Ireland College of Education, Rathmines and 17 April, 12pm-3pm at Holy Trinity Rathmines.

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