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Liturgical Readings for : Tuesday, 27th September, 2022
Léachtaí Gaeilge
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Tuesday of 26th week of Ordinary Time, Year 2

FIRST READING           

 A reading from the Book of  Job 3:1-3. 11-17. 20-23
Theme: Why give light to a man of grief?

Job broke the silence and cursed the day of his birth. This is what he said:

May the day perish when I was born,job
and the night that told of a boy conceived.
Why did I not die new-born,
not perish as I left the womb?
Why were there two knees to receive me,
two breasts for me to suck?
Had there not been, I should now be lying in peace,
wrapped in a restful slumber,
with the kings and high viziers of earth
who build themselves vast vaults,
or with princes who have gold to spare
and houses crammed with silver.

Or put away like a still-born child that never came to be,
like unborn babes that never see the light.
Down there, bad men bustle no more,
there the weary rest.
Why give light to a man of grief?
Why give life to those bitter of heart,
who long for a death that never comes,
and hunt for it more than for a buried treasure?
They would be glad to see the grave-mound
and shout with joy if they reached the tomb.
Why make this gift of light to a man who does not see his way,
whom God baulks on every side?

The Word of the Lord      Thanks be to God.

Responsorial Psalm:       Ps 87
Let my prayer come into your presence, O Lord.

1. I call to you, Lord, all the day long;
to you I stretch out my hands.
Will you work your wonders for the dead?
Will the shades stand and praise you?            Response

2. Will your love be told in the grave
or your faithfulness among the dead?
Will your wonders Be known in the dark
or your justice in the land of oblivion?           Response

3. As for me, Lord, I call you for help:
in the morning my prayer comes before you;,
Lord, why do you reject me ?
Why do you hide your face?                            Response

Gospel  Acclamation         Ps 118: 36
Alleluia, Alleluia!
Bend my heart to your will, O Lord,
and teach me your laws.
Alleluia !

or                                              Mk 10: 45
Alleluia, alleluia!
The Son of Man came to serve,
and to give his life as a ransom for many.
Alleluia !


The Lord be with you.         And with your spirit
A reading from the Gospel according to Luke 9:51-56       Glory to you, O Lord
Theme: Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem

As the time drew near for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem and sent messengers ahead of him. These set out, and they went into a Samaritan village to make preparations for him, but the people would not receive him because he was making for Jerusalem. Seeing this, the disciples James and John said,
Lord, do you want us to call down fire from heaven to burn them up?
But he turned and rebuked them, and they went off to another village.

The Gospel of the Lord    Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ

Gospel Reflection         
Tuesday,           Twenty-sixth Week in Ordinary Time      Luke 9:51–56

Today’s gospel reading marks a turning point in the story of Jesus as told by Luke. Up until this point in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus’ public ministry has been located in Galilee. Now Jesus leaves Galilee and begins his journey to Jerusalem. Because Jerusalem has a reputation as ‘the city that kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to it’ (Luke 13:33), Jesus has to steel himself for this journey. As Luke tells us in our gospel reading, ‘Jesus resolutely took the road for Jerusalem.’ He knew where this journey would lead, yet he also knew he had to take it. God’s Messiah must head for the city of David. Having set out on this journey, Jesus immediately experiences a taste of the rejection that awaits him in Jerusalem, as he is rejected by the first Samaritan village he seeks to enter.

In our own lives we often become aware of some difficult journey we have to make. We hesitate before this journey, yet we know it is right and good for us to make it. It might be a visit to someone we know who has been recently bereaved. We know it is going to be difficult, and, yet, we also know we must make this visit, so we steel ourselves for it. The path of being a disciple of the Lord, the path of dying to ourselves so that others may live more fully, is often a difficult one. Yet it is the path of life, for ourselves and for all who cross our path. The Lord has gone this way before us; he is with us as our strength in those moments when we struggle to take some path we know we must take. His Spirit within us empowers us resolutely to take the road that is true to our deepest selves, our baptismal identity.


The Scripture Readings are taken from The Jerusalem Bible, 1966/7/8 published 1966/7/8 by Darton, Longman and Todd Ltd and used with the permission of the publishers.  http://dltbooks.com/
The Gospel Reflection is available with our thanks from Reflections on the Weekday Readings 2021-2022: My Words Will Not Pass Away by Martin Hogan and published by Messenger Publications  c/f www.messenger.ie/bookstore