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He’s Risen: Reflections on the Risen Christ …

In this book Phelim McGowan SJ encourages us to reflect on parts of the mystery of Jesus' life up to the coming of the Holy Spirit.


Is it about a bicycle? Thoughts for the day

Oliver Crilly’ book of short reflections resonates with the Old and New Testament Scriptures and the early Irish tradition, both written and visual.


When times are tough: a collection of …

Marie Murray's book approaches the tough economic times with understanding, humour, clinical compassion, common-sense and a wealth of imaginative ideas.


You can shine!

Lloyd Bracken works with CEIST (Catholic Education an Irish Schools Trust), the trustee body for the schools run by the Daughters of Charity, Presentation Sisters, Sisters of the Christian Retreat, Sisters of Mercy, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.


‘I am the Light of the world’

The light of the faith [...]


Ignatian Spirituality – Fr Brian O’Leary SJ

This attractive and illustrated booklet is a useful and clear introduction to the insights of both the contemplative and apostolic dimensions of Ignatian spirituality.


Unmasking God: Revealing God in the ordinary

This is a book of reflections where Daniel O'Leary puts us in touch with the beauty of relationship with God through the events and experiences of everyday life.


Dancing with dinosaurs: a 21st century spirituality

This book by Mark Patrick Hederman is a kind of extended metaphor or metaphysical conceit for our relationship with God.


Seven stages in spiritual evolution

This presentation on the stages of spiritual evolution is by Fr Korko Moses SJ (Swamy Saranananda) who runs a Christian ashram in India. His thought is in the line of the mystical tradition of St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross, especially along the third, fourth, and fifth stages.


Answers from within: Spiritual guidelines for managing setbacks in work

188 pp. Veritas Publications. to purchase this book online, go to www.veritas.ie

THE BOOKAnswers from within is written for men and women of faith who may need a compass to keep themselves on track when things go wrong in the workplace. It works best if absorbed in quiet [...]


Glimpses of God: Reflections for days and seasons

126 pp. Veritas Publications. To purchase this book online, go to www.veritas.ie


Introduction About the Authors Lent & Easter

Spring Rain  Great Escape Breaking Bread Unforsaken  At the Foot of the Cross  Communion of Saints  Dead Man Walking  New Life  Beyond Loss

 The Days of Our Lives

Stand Still  A Place [...]


The mystical imagination of Patrick Kavanagh

Una Agnew SSL writes an intellectual and spiritual biography of Patrick Kavanagh, a man who, in spite of his general appearance, was a profoundly mystical poet.


Spiritual masters for all seasons

176 pp. Hidden Spring, an imprint of Paulist Press. To purchase this book online, go to www.hiddenspringbooks.com


Acknowledgments Prelude 

Unmasking the Self The Faces of Thomas Merton  The Monk and the Archbishop A Conversation about Merton with Dr. Rowan Williams  Trusting the Heart The Dynamics of Henri J. M. Nouwen  The Monk [...]


Michelangelo’s spirituality

George Bull uncovers the depths of Michelangelo’s spirituality, his profound passion for beauty and his struggle not to let this draw him away from a Christian vision of the world.


Look at it this way: different perspectives on Christian living

Fr Jack McArdle offers his pastoral thoughts and insights on different aspects of Christian living. He looks at different signposts and gifts we may have. Always easy to read, this book will be helpful to many.


Catholic ‘intellectuals’ and Ireland

Many academics and media people in Ireland have little time for a Catholic literary tradition. In fact, they don’t take the very idea of Catholic intellectual activity seriously. Eamon Maher, whose translation of Jean Sulivan’s memoir of the death of his mother, Anticipate Every Goodbye, was published recently by Veritas, [...]


Faith is what really matters

Mass attendance in Ireland is continuing to fall. Desmond O’Donnell, OMI, argues that counting heads at Mass is not the most important thing.


Growing up

How do the choices we make in adolescence affect the direction of our future life? This is the theme implicit in Fr Brian Grogan’s account of the adolescence of Ignatius Loyola.


To the greater glory

“An expression of his chivalric spirit, never satisfied with the good but always seeking the better” is how Brian O’Leary SJ explains the “greater glory” in the Jesuit motto, “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam”. It is also the expression of his lively apostolic spirituality.


Unlikely inspiration

Two unexpected visitors to Fr Brendan Comerford SJ are what he calls his “unlikely inspiration” for his article about Mary. Like them, she is our “unselfconscious exemplar”.


Tarot: talisman or taboo? reading the world as symbol

This book by the Benedictine Mark Patrick Hederman gives an introduction to the Tarot, a history of its uses and abuses, a practical guide to its value as an underground map to the unconscious where the springs of our creativity are hidden, and where God can enter our lives. It [...]


Walking the road of faith

Michael Byrne reflects on his journey from vagueness and doubt towards certainty and faith, and he considers what it means to be a committed Catholic in Ireland today. Kevin O’Higgins SJ responds to Michael’s article.


Falling towards God

Paul Murray OP sets the images of ‘descent’ and ‘falling’ alongside the more familiar images of ‘ascent’ and ‘rising’, in explaining the motion of the soul towards God.


Spiritual and psychological difficulties

Tony Baggot SJ identifies a common problem of people who earnestly seek to develop spiritually – the problem of not coming to terms with their psychological experience and trying to graft a spiritual outlook onto this unresolved reality.


He set out alone riding his mule

Brian Grogan SJ sketches St. Ignatius’ physical and spiritual transformation before Our Lady of Montserrat as he prepared to set out on his pilgrimage which would lead to the creation of the Jesuits and the reinvigoration of the Catholic faith.


What new life is this?

Brian O’Leary SJ tells us about St Ignatius of Loyola’s experience of and teaching on consolation and desolation in the spiritual life.


Palace of the Popes

Martin Gani visits Avignon and learns about the infamous “Babylonian Captivity”.


Blessed among women: The Book of Mary

Peter de Rosa’s dips into our favourite Marian prayers, poems and hymns, both ancient and modern. There are chapters on Mary’s many titles, the Rosary, and on Ireland’s faithfulness to it. We also get a glimpse of how great Protestants like Martin Luther, and Muslims like the Prophet Mohammed thought [...]


Something there: the biology of the human spirit

David Hays maintains that survey figures show that interest in spirituality, often expressed as the awareness of ‘something there’, is rising right across the developed world. He demonstrates this from hundreds of interviews of ‘ordinary’ people which back up the view that spirituality is hard-wired into our biological make-up, that [...]


What’s the sense in suffering?

Anne Marie Lee, from her experience of working with deprived people, stresses the importance for each of us of the value we attach to human suffering.


Finding God, finding me

Edel Reynolds, teacher, tells how she sees God working in her life.

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