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Taking the rough with the smooth

Brian writes: Sometimes in my prayers I feel as if I have nothing to say to God. I sit in stony silence for a while, before giving up, or get distracted by what’s going on around me. It’s not that I’m not grateful or sorrowful, but sometimes I run out of words or enthusiasm to


Praying body and soul: methods and practices of Anthony de Mello

In this step-by-step exercise book Anthony de Mello SJ uses gentle physical exercises, scriptural contemplation and humorous symbolic stories to teach us how we can experience true happiness.


The word that wakes the heart

Dermot Mansfield SJ explores some of the ways our heart can be really awakened so that we can enter into it in prayer: using traditional prayers I grew up with, quietening myself down so I can hear the deeper voice, spontaneously responding to situations that arise in my life, the Scripture readings or responsorial psalm



Giving out about the state of things in the world is not a Christian occupation, says psychotherapist Paul Andrews SJ. But blessing is. We have the power to bless and approve, and it carries more weight than we imagine



Rosemarie and Peter Atkin’s short book ‘Prayer-Bytes’ offers much needed time-out for young people, with prayers and reflections that are simple in style and relevant to the concerns faced by today’s youth.


A hospital for the soul

We pray out of need, says Dermot Mansfield SJ; for our own needs, for those we know, for situations we know that need healing. TS Eliot said the world is like a huge hospital. We are needy people, requiring God’s blessing and healing always.


Prayer for each day

Apart from the prayers for the different times of the year, this book prepared by the brothers of Taizé community also gives practical instructions on how the elements, such as prayer around the cross, the icons and the meditative chants, contribute to our personal intimacy with God.


Each day, a gift

Dermot Mansfield SJ advocates “listening to the voice of God” twice every day so that we can really be in touch with his presence within and around me. The five stages of an “examen” of our consciousness can help to ensure this.


The whisper of God

If God wants to speak to us – to you or me – how do you think He goes about it? From his experience John Callanan SJ gives an insight as to how this works.


Praying the Our Father today

In this book, Brother John of Taizé explores the biblical background of the “Our Father” and shows how it can still be a prayer to express our spiritual desires today.


Christ within me

Dermot Mansfield SJ takes this phrase from the “Breastplate of St Patrick” to highlight a way of getting very close to Jesus and God’s everlasting love.


Let go, let God

We often wonder how we ought to pray. Paul Andrews SJ points to some not too difficult ways we could start.

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