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Prayers in English

11 January, 2010

“Pray like this”
The first prayer of all for Christians is the one that Jesus taught us. The ‘Our Father is taken from Chapter 6 of Matthew’s Gospel. The ‘Sign of the Cross’ and the ‘Glory be’ are early Christian affirmations of the Trinity, God three in one.

Our Father | The Sign of The Cross | The Glory Be | Apostles Creed | Nicene Creed | The Beatitudes | Psalm 22

The Prayers of Mary
Mary is, first and foremost, the Mother of God. We believe that she is our mother too. We pray with her in the Magnificat (from Luke1) and through her intercession in many other prayers.

Magnificat | Hail Mary | Hail Holy Queen | The Rosary | Memorare | The Angelus

Many Favourites
There are prayers for different occasions and situations. Here are a few of the most common.

Angel Guardian | En Ego | The Station of The Cross | Prayer of St. Francis | St. Patrick’s Breastplate | The morning offering

Act of Contrition
O my God, because you are so good, I am very sorry that I have sinned against you, and with the help of your grace I promise to do my best not to sin again.