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NWCI focus should be homeless pregnant women

By editor - 09 March, 2016

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The Pro Life Campaign has hit out at the National Women’s Council for using International Women’s Day to call for the repeal of the 8th Amendment rather than campaigning on the plight of pregnant homeless women on the streets of Ireland.

In a statement on Tuesday, the PLC spokesperson Sinead Slattery said, “There are around 20 pregnant women sleeping rough in Dublin every night.”

“If it were not for the tremendous work done by voluntary organisations, the crisis would be far worse. It is a national scandal that nothing concrete was done by the outgoing government to sort out this growing problem.”

She continued, “To mark International Women’s Day, the National Women’s Council and some members of the Oireachtas have been busy campaigning for repeal of the 8th Amendment.”

“It is an outrage that an organisation like the National Women’s Council has no track record in fighting for safe and secure accommodation for homeless expectant mothers.”

Instead, Sinead Slattery said, “this taxpayer-funded organisation seems to have an obsessional focus on pushing abortion”.

She added, the “NWCI also ignore the testimonies of women who deeply regret their abortions. Women and their unborn babies deserve much better than this. And so do taxpayers.”

Ms Slattery called on incoming members of the Dáil “to make finding suitable accommodation for homeless pregnant women a top priority as soon as the new government takes office.”

She said the way we respond to a crisis like this “is a measure of how truly caring and compassionate we are as a society.”

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