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Killaloe’s bishop elect meets Pope ahead of episcopal ordination

By Sean Ryan - 21 September, 2016

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Pope Francis addressed newly-appointed bishops in the Vatican’s Clementine Hall last weekend.

Among those in attendance was Fr Fintan Monahan, Bishop-Elect of Killaloe diocese, who is preparing for his episcopal ordination on Sunday.

The Pope reminded the new bishops of the thrill of being loved by God and exhorted them to ‘make mercy pastoral’.

The audience came at the end of formation course for new bishops organised by the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for the Oriental Churches.

Make mercy pastoral, for you have experienced the thrill of being loved by God. That, according to Pope Francis, is the mission of bishops, especially those who are new Pastors of the Church.

He said the bishops had been “fished, that is, caught by the love of God’s surprising mercy” and pointed them to the example of biblical figures like Moses and Nathaniel who were loved and known by God even before they realised it.

The Holy Father called this “an admirable condescension”.

He said, “How beautiful it is to let oneself be transfixed by the loving knowledge of God. It consoles us to know that He truly knows who we are and is not afraid of our littleness…, despite our insufficiencies.”

The Pope said the Holy Door of the Jubilee of Mercy is Christ, the only Door.

Passing through that door, he said, should help them live “a personal experience of gratitude, of reconciliation, of total trust, of complete self-giving of one’s life without limit to the Pastor of Pastors”.

“The most precious richness you can bring from Rome at the beginning of your episcopal ministry is the awareness of the mercy with which you have been seen and chosen.”

Pope Francis then called the newly appointed bishops to fulfil their duty to make mercy pastoral for their flocks.

“Mercy,” he said, “should form and inform the pastoral structures of our Churches. This does not mean lowering our standards or giving away our pearls. Rather, the only condition placed by the precious pearl on those who find it is to give their all. It’s only pretence is to awake in the heart of the one who finds it is that he or she risk all to obtain it.”

He gave the bishops three recommendations for how to make mercy pastoral, saying their ministry must be accessible, tangible, and capable of encounter.

The Pope told them to be accessible to their flock and invite them through “goodness, beauty, truth, love, and goodness”.

Though he warned them in an off-the-cuff remark that “the world is tired of enchanting liars, that is, fashionable priests or fashionable bishops”.

He also told them to not be afraid to ‘initiate’ those entrusted to them, especially seminarians.

“I ask you,” he said, “to take special care of the structures of initiation of your Churches, especially Seminaries. Do not be tempted by numbers and quantities of vocations, but search rather for the quality of your seminaries. Do not deprive your seminarians of your firm and tender fatherhood.”

Pope Francis concluded by telling them to be “bishops capable of accompanying” their flock, just as the Good Samaritan accompanied the man left hurt on the side of the road to a safe place.

“Accompany, above all, your presbyterate with patient care… Place before their eyes the joy of authentic love and the grace of God with which God raises them to the participation in His own Love.”

Former Tuam schoolteacher Fr Fintan Monahan will be installed as Bishop of Killaloe on Sunday – making him Ireland’s youngest bishop.

The 49-year-old Tullamore native had been working as diocesan secretary for the Archdiocese of Tuam.

Bishop-elect Monahan was ordained as a priest in 1991, and is a former science, Irish and religion teacher at St Jarlath’s in Tuam.

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