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Flaws in new abortion law revealing themselves – PLC

By Sarah Mac Donald - 04 January, 2014

Pro Life rallyThe Pro Life Campaign has claimed that “the deep seated flaws in the Government’s new abortion law are starting to reveal themselves.”

PLC spokesperson, Dr Ruth Cullen, made her comments in a statement issued on Friday. 

She was responding to reports that the College of Psychiatrists has advised its members not to participate in the review panels for abortion in the absence of clinical guidelines from the Department of Health.

“The Government knew perfectly well when it introduced the law that abortion is not a treatment for suicidal feelings and may in fact be detrimental to women’s health,” Dr Cullen said.

“The fact that the Government this week activated the new law without any clinical guidelines in place is further proof that the push for abortion legislation over the past year had everything to do with achieving an ideological goal rather than concern for women’s lives or the lives of their unborn babies,” she said.

The PLC spokeswoman warned that the “Truth behind the deep seated flaws in the new legislation are starting to reveal themselves.”

She added, “This will only continue as more and more people begin to realise that the new law was never about evidence based medicine but about introducing an abortion regime in Ireland.”

The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act came into effect on 1 January.

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