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Donations to Trócaire in Tuam hit €8.5m in 20 years

By Sarah Mac Donald - 19 February, 2016

Trocaire Lent 2016

Contributions to Catholic aid agency Trócaire from the Archdiocese of Tuam has topped almost €8.5 million over the past 20 years.

Diocesan spokesman, Fr Fintan Monahan, described the sum as “staggering” particularly for a rural diocese of approximately 140,000 of a population.

“It is a sign of the wonderful generosity of the local people, even at a time of economic recession and a great commitment to their faith and outstanding care for the poor.”

Local priest, Fr Michael Mollloy, parish priest of Moore, has been the diocesan Trócaire representative for many years and is spearheading this year’s campaign for Lent.

Last year’s Trócaire Lenten campaign raised almost €8.3 million, up from €8 million raised in 2014.

The money were used to help 2.4 million people in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.

The people featured on the 43rd Lenten campaign are schoolchildren, teachers, grandparents, clergy, volunteers and families who support the agency.

According to Trócaire’s Executive director, Eamon Meehan, “This year’s box is a recognition of ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things in the pursuit of justice and a fairer world.”

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