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CofI Primate expresses solidarity with Muslim victims of racism

By Sarah Mac Donald - 30 August, 2019

The Church of Ireland Primate of Ireland has sent a message of solidarity and sorrow to members of Irish Muslim communities who have experienced racist attacks or prejudice.

The letter from Archbishop Michael Jackson of Dublin and Glendalough was sent ahead of Jummah Prayer on Friday to Imams and leaders of mosques and Muslim centres in Dublin.

In it he stresses that recent incidents in which Muslims have been targeted must be condemned.

His letter of solidarity follows a series of incidents earlier this month in which members of the Muslim community were targeted.

Dr Jackson has urged all Irish citizens to take a stand against prejudice and racism.

“Recent events which have taken place in relation to those of cultures and faiths other than the majority culture in Ireland must be condemned. Our sympathy for those who are attacked and humiliated, by action and by word, has to be our priority,” Archbishop Jackson said in his letter.

He continued, “So too has a sense of shame at the acts perpetrated against these people with entitled cruelty leading to individual humiliation and personal violation.”

He added, “Hate crime has no place in today’s Ireland.”

The Archbishop underlined that well-being is “grounded in our shared humanity which is upheld by dignity and respect. This must include dignity and respect for ‘The Other’ in our society,” and added that while the other is different from us, he or she is also our neighbour.

“We hear the voice of concern raised by our neighbours who are members of Muslim communities in Ireland and urge all Irish citizens to stand against prejudice directed against minorities in whatever form they find it and in whatever way they feel they can. Friendship and hospitality march hand in hand with justice and compassion,” Dr Jackson concluded.

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