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Conversations in Ennismore @ Ennismore Retreat Centre
Oct 7 @ 7:30 pm – Dec 16 @ 9:15 pm

Conversations in Ennismore, Cork, is a weekly forum hosted in the Dominican Retreat House, each Monday from 7.30pm – 9.15pm. The Conversations host a series of Conversations in theology, spirituality, psychology, current issues, minority voices, scripture. Here you will see our Conversations for 2019-2020.

All are welcome. Donation of €10.00 per Conversation.

Mondays 7.30pm – 9.15pm Donation: €10.00 info: 021.4502520 [email protected]

Oct 7th – Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction John Cummins, Psychotherapist
Oct 14th – Stress: friend or foe? Patrick Sheehan, Psychotherapist
Oct 21st – What René Girard would say to Mr Trump! Michael Kirwin, SJ, TCD
Nov 4th – Ethical Formation: being formed for the Good Life. Archie Byrne, OP Ennismore
Nov 11th – Is Democracy under threat? Ian Hughes, Environmental Research Institute, UCC
Nov 18th – Immigrants: Gift or threat? Piaras MacEinri, Dept. of Geography UCC
Nov 25th – Invasion by democratic untruth: the fallacy of universalism Arpad Szakolczai, Dept. of Sociology UCC
Dec 2nd – Does God Feel? Wilfrid Harrington, OP, Priory Institute
Dec 9th – Salvation through Christ alone? Conor McDonough, OP, St. Saviour’s, Dublin
Dec 16th – JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: a Christian epic? Philip Cremin, Dept. of Humanities WIT

(We will resume our Monday night’s Conversations in Ennismore on January 6th 2020)

Novena to Saints Therese, Louis ; Zelie Martin with Visit of their Relics @ Church of the Holy Family
Oct 15 @ 7:00 pm – Oct 24 @ 8:00 pm

A Special Event:

Praying for Our Families with a Family of Saints.
During the Extraordinary Month of Mission called by Pope Francis, a Special 9 Day Novena will take place in the Church of the Holy Family, Rathcoole, from 15th to 23rd October.

From 7pm to 8pm each evening we will gather to hear reflections on different aspects of family life and faith from invited speakers, to include:

12 lay people (5 married couples, a lay Evangelist and a lay woman)

An international theologian Fr. Thomas J. Norris and

Fr. Michael McGoldrick O.C.D, Provincial of the Discalced Carmelites in Ireland.


Intercessions, Reconciliation Service, and
Novena prayers to St. Therese of Lisieux, and her parents Saints Louis and Zelie Martin.Therese's parents


On the final 2 days of the Novena, the relics of the 3 saints (above)will be present in the church during adoration and

a final mass on the 9th day will be offered for the intentions of all who participated. All welcome!

For more information call Fr. Colin Rothery at 01 4011753.

To be a Christian today- 3 Saturday Morning Workshops – SFX-Gardiner St Church -Dublin 1 @ Gardiner St Church
Oct 19 @ 9:45 am – Nov 2 @ 1:00 pm

Image result for gardinerstparish.ie

Gardiner St S.J. Church

Saturday 19th October, Registration 9.30-10

Workshop: Accompanying the young in the creation of a hope-filled future

During this workshop we will look at how young people engage with faith; what interests them and empowers them in their search for God.

The workshop will generate ideas as to how we, as church can facilitate that search and discern paths for future development in parish and faith community

Our Speakers

Padraig SwanDirector of Faith and Service Programmes at Belvedere College SJ. Padraig has been leading the pastoral team at Belvedere College since he moved from the Jesuit Centre for Young Adults in Gardiner Street. He coordinates faith programmes and service projects at home and abroad as well as accompanying the boys in their faith development.

Callum Douglas: An aspiring writer Callum leads and assists on retreats and faith programmes for young people. He seeks ways of translating the richness of our faith tradition and bridging the gap with younger generations. He will share this vision during our workshop.


9.30 – 10.00 Registration
10 – 11 Talk
11 – 11.30 Tea/Coffee
11.30 – 12.15 Workshop 1
12.15 – 1.00 Workshop 2
1.00 Soup & Sandwiches (optional)

A voluntary contribution would be appreciated.


Saturday 26th October, Registration 9.30-10

Workshop :  Walking with people in poverty

Our Speakers

During this workshop we will:
¨ Listen to the vision of two practitioners of Social Justice
¨ Explore links with the Gospel message
¨ Explore what this means for us

Fr Peter McVerry SJ For a generation now, Jesuit, Fr. Peter has been a champion for Dublin’s Homeless People, advocating their rights before the State.  Now, through the Peter McVerry Trust, he is providing housing for an increasing number of persons in need. Fr. Peter’s vision is rooted in the Gospel and responds to the ever-changing needs of homeless people.

Sr Bernadette McMahon Sr Bernadette is a Daughter of Charity and Director of the Vincentian Partnership. She leads a team of professionals and volunteers who since 1996:

  • Promote an Active Citizenship/Voter Education Programme with communities in disadvantaged areas
  • Raise awareness of the impact of poverty in an affluent Ireland by examining the minimum essential budget standards.


9.30 – 10.00 Registration
10 – 11 Talk
11 – 11.30 Tea/Coffee
11.30 – 12.15 Workshop 1
12.15 – 1.00 Workshop 2
1.00 Soup & Sandwiches (optional)

A voluntary contribution would be appreciated.


Saturday 2nd November, Registration 9.30-10

Workshop :  Showing the way to God through prayer & discernment

During this workshop we will:
¨ Learn about the fundamental assumptions about our relationship with God
¨ Experience the practice of prayer in the Ignatian tradition
¨ Encounter God through creative prayer, savouring your experience, journaling and the journey of pilgrimage

Our Speaker: Fr Brendan McManus SJ Fr. Brendan has been a spiritual director, retreat and pilgrimage guide for a number of years. His book “Redemption Road” has been published in Ireland and the USA to great acclaim. He has followed this with “Finding God in the Mess” and “Deeper in the Mess”.

The search for God
Everybody can find God, and perhaps surprisingly everybody can show God to others. God is to be found in the most unexpected people and situations.

Help and Guidance
Jesuits and their partners in mission seek God in quiet prayer, the Sacred Scriptures, life-experience, community and communion.

Find your way to God


9.30 – 10.00 Registration
10 – 11 Talk
11 – 11.30 Tea/Coffee
11.30 – 12.15 Workshop 1
12.15 – 1.00 Workshop 2
1.00 Soup & Sandwiches (optional)

A voluntary contribution would be appreciated.



Pastoral Reflection Mornings for People in Christian Ministry with Dr Anne Francis @ Galilee Spirituality Centre
Oct 22 @ 10:30 am – 1:00 pm

Pastoral Reflection Mornings
for People in Christian Ministry


Dr Anne Francis

A regular opportunity to reflect on ministry together in the light of scripture and theology.

Open to ordained and lay ministers in Christian traditions.

10.30am coffee and closing with lunch.

Numbers limited, booking essential.

Tuesday 22nd October
Tuesday 26th November
Thursday 6th February
Thursday 26th March
Wednesday 13th May

Seeking the Face of God – Tuesday evenings- Tintagh, Co. Roscommon @ Galilee Spirituality Centre
Nov 5 @ 7:30 pm – Nov 26 @ 9:00 pm

Four very special Tuesday evenings
to explore how we can discover

God in personal faith, 


creation and


Nov 5th:   Bishop Kevin Doran:      The God of My Life Nov 5th
Nov 12th: Rev Molly DeatherageGod of the Word 
Nov 19th:  Sr Patricia Lynott:           The God of all the Earth 
Nov 26th  Dr Justin Harkin:             The God of Us 

We begin at 7.30pm, closing with tea at 9.00. All welcome!

Family Solidarity’s Annual General Meeting- Sat. 9th Nov.-Ely House, Dublin. @ ELY House,
Nov 9 @ 11:30 am – 4:00 pm


Laws can make decent living for the young more difficult or less difficult and a change in the law can deceive people into thinking that the morality has changed also. By means of the law it is possible to supply conditions which facilitate the growth of goodness and to remove conditions which obstruct it.

In view of all this, it is not surprising that when Pope John Paul II urged families to remedy the present situation, he mentioned political activity, the activity which brings about changes in laws and regulations. “Families should grow in awareness of being ‘protagonists’ of what is known as ‘family politics’ and assume responsibility for transforming society…” “They should be the first to take steps to see that the laws and institutions of the state, not only do not offend, but support and positively defend the rights and duties of the family…otherwise, families will be the first victims of the evils that they have done no more than note with indifference.”

What we must face up to is that the structures and institutions of our society must draw their inspiration either from Christianity, or from the ‘religion’ of secularism; there is no middle way, no neutral path that can be followed.

Fortunately, we are not without advice, indeed directives, coming from the highest sources. Firstly, people, lay and religious, must get rid of their inhibitions about what is popularly called ‘lobbying’. In his final address in Ireland in 1979, Pope John Paul II said “May the Irish people always support marriage through personal commitment and through positive social and legal action”.

When the pope says ‘positive social and legal action’ he means, amongst other things, lobbying for good laws and regulations and to change bad ones. Lobbying is part and parcel of the working democracy everywhere. To neglect it would mean allowing our opponents complete freedom for their destructive activity in this area.

Archbishop McNamara set out the position clearly for Catholics in April 1986 when he stated: “It may happen even in a predominantly Catholic country that a legislative assembly will pass and immoral law. The duty of Catholics with regard to such laws is clear. They should make their disapproval known and try to ensure that sooner or later, the laws in question be rescinded”. He adds: “…it cannot be stressed too much that it is not enough to campaign against immoral laws. Action must be taken with a view to changing society for the better, so that no reasonable excuse will remain for advocating such a measure”.

So the directive to Christians in Ireland is clear; ensure, by all the legitimate means at our disposal, that our laws are such that they will genuinely promote the common good for our society.

We can do this individually or in association with others. Family Solidarity was established to stimulate Irish families to do what is right in these matters and to facilitate them by providing and organised structure. As the Rights of the Family Charter says…”Families should form associations with other families and institutions in order to protect their rights”. An increasing number of Irish families have found Family Solidarity helpful, and are joining.

The family has the most important function in the state. It is the primary, vital cell of society where human development takes place and it is the natural setting in which almost all our young people grow and develop.

As declared in Vatican II, “The family is the first school for social human virtues, which all societies need”. Virtues such as love, forgiveness, justice, truthfulness, respect for rights of others, concern for those in need, are rooted in family life.

When family life is undermined, society has many evils with which to contend.

Some of the new trends and ideologies that have developed in recent times tend to undermine the family unit based on marriage, not only in Ireland but throughout most of the world.

In 1983 Family Solidarity was founded by a number of concerned family people, to protect, to protect and promote family life. It was formally launched on 15th August, 1984. Since then, many branches have been established throughout the country.

Family Solidarity is a national organisation with committees at national, constituency and local level.


Our event on Sunday 9th Nov.

11.30 am (Mass) till approx 4 pm in ELY House,

Finger food lunch at 1 o’clock,

Short addresses from Petra Conroy (about the Faith on Fire project) and Niamh Uí Bhriain and others (about GRIPT.ie)

(Please advise us by leaving a message on 01 6611113 or [email protected] if you wish to partake of the finger food lunch)

Pastures of Wonder @ Marino Institute of Education
Nov 16 @ 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Winter in the Quiet Garden @ Galilee Spirituality Centre
Nov 17 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Seasons of the heart: exploring winter in our lives.

With the Galilee Spirituality Centre team.

Closing with a hot drink at 4.00pm. Wrap up!

Advent Retreat: The Wonder of Creation, The Miracle of Life – Sr Nellie McLaughlin @ Galilee Spirituality Centre
Dec 7 @ 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

Advent Retreat:

The Wonder of Creation, The Miracle of Life

with  Sr Nellie McLaughlin

An invitation to walk with God in self-discovery within the mystery of the unfolding universe. Drawing on the wisdom of the earth, scripture, mystics and poets we will make a journey of exploration in the light of both privilege and responsibility in our common home.

Sr Nellie McLaughlin, BA, M. Div. is a native of Inishowen, Donegal and a member of the Sisters of Mercy. Her background is in education and she works in the areas of Creation Spirituality, Cosmology, Ecology and Sustainable Living. She is founding member and director of Green Sod Land Trust , Ireland (2007), author of ‘Out of Wonder, the evolving Story of the Universe (Veritas 2004) and Life’s Delicate Balance(Veritas 2015) – a response to Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si.'”

All welcome