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Bishop Nulty affirms teachers as schools reopen

By Sarah Mac Donald - 25 August, 2015

Bishop Denis Nulty. Photo: Courtesy iCatholic

Bishop Denis Nulty. Photo: Courtesy iCatholic

The Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin has commented on the debate over school patronage and the provision of school places.

In a homily for the feast day of St Fiacc, Bishop Denis Nulty said it was clear that the local parish catholic school continues to offer the most inclusive model of education in the Ireland.

The bishop also underlined that the debate over these issues plays hardest on the good principals and staff who love their school and teach the curriculum.

He warned that the debate over patronage and accessing places in schools ends up in the realm of defensive argument, rather than asking the key question.

This, he suggested was, ‘Why are our schools over-subscribed? It is because they are doing a good job and have been doing that job well for years’.

“Commentators may complain that change in patronage is progressing too slowly; that’s because local communities are happy with the model that is best equipped and best serves local needs,” he said.

With the new school year about to begin, Dr Nulty commended teachers and the whole school and catechetical community which supports them, “for their dedication and commitment to the children in their care”.

“May God’s blessing accompany them and all of us throughout the year ahead,” he prayed.

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